Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Who Loves You, Pretty Knitty?

Well, apparently 105 Etsians love me! I feel so. . .well, so LOVED!

Thanks to all who have favorited my shop on Etsy, including my latest favorite of the favorites, Tamarie Highland Fibers, is a shop that carries hand-dyed batts for spinning (and some other things, too)! Since it was already in my plan to learn to spin during the Olympics this year, I am linking the shop here as much for me as for my readers. . .she has lovely stuff, and in nice, small, affordable starting quantities!

But, alas, I have not started learning to spin. . .I have been too busy learning to LOVE my knitting machine. I think I like it, but I am not sure if I Like It like it yet. . .still working my way to Love, I guess. Here is what I have managed to produce so far:

One pair of hot-pink and brown baby overalls, still needs buttons. All of the ribbing, the bib and the straps are hand-knit. I am guessing the size would be 3-6 months. . .
And several pieces of a sweater to match, well, it kinda will match. The brown is a little different and I am having trouble successfully knitting two sleeves, of the same size, to match. . .not sure why that is so difficult. . .:
The purely hand-knit items that are taking me away from learning to spin have been far less stressful and/or traumatizing than the knitting machine, and I KNOW that I love them! The first is my Salsa Sweater in this orange-y color:
What you see in the picture is the empire waistband, with stitches picked up for the fronts and back. I knit in one piece until I split for the armholes, and I have both fronts finished. I am about 20 rows from finishing the back, and I am eager to seam the shoulders and try it on for fit before I start the sleeves. My plan is to do the top and arms, then the flirty-skirty bottom. I have 12 balls of this yarn, and I want this sweater to be longer than the Mockery of a Sweater, so I will probably use 11-12. I am not sure of the closure yet. . .I was originally thinking a short button band (on the waist and top to the start of the v-neck), but have also considered a tie closure. . .or do I wanna save my yarn for the skirty part? Oh, decisions, decisions!

Oh, and did I tell you about the swap? I belong to the
Mothers of Soldiers group over on Ravelry, and there was a swap, and apparently my partner (Tinkerpro) read carefully my answers on the sign-up questionnaire, because she sent yarn AND spinning fiber from a llama that is sooooo soft, ooooh, I can't wait until I can try it! And there was a keychain calculator (yay!) a pen and some pretty note cards, and samples of SOAK and some luxury lotion. . .
By the way, in case you can't tell, I love this group. I found them just after Army Boy found out he would go to Iraq for a year, and these ladies jumped in with virtual hugs and prayers and well-wishes and sage advice, and I felt so comforted. Now they are good friends and a support system that will take me through whatever deployments come. Thanks, Ladies!

My last work-in-progress for this post is my newest sock-a-month project,
March through February:
The pattern is Harris Tweed Socks, the yarn is Knit Picks Stroll in the color Grass. It's an easy pattern, and I think it will be a good one for "boy socks" as they become necessary! This is my carry-along knitting now that the Salsa is getting big. I love them. . .sigh!!

Knit in Good Health!


  1. Your sweater is coming along, it is going to be beautiful. The baby duds are too cute!!!