Saturday, January 30, 2010

This Artist's Palette

So, you know how, when you start to plan a project, it's fun to go through the catalogs and dream about the perfect supplies for the job or craft? And you find things that you love, and you find things that will work, and you find things that you can afford. . .and then. . .and then. . .and then you find the thing that you love, that will work, and that you can afford. . .and then you do the HAPPY DANCE!!!

Well, I decided to enter the Ravelympics 2010 on Ravelry. I have a spindle and some roving, so my first event will be the Flying Camel Spin, wherein I will attempt to teach myself to spin fleece into yarn. I have from the lighting of the torch (2/12) until midnight on Feb. 28th. Contemplating that 16 days, I thought that I should enter a second event as well. I decided on the Sweaterboard Cross (all sweater knitting in adult sizes fits into this event), and I started to dream of the project and drool over patterns.

Now, I know what I want the sweater to look like, and feel like, so how hard can picking a pattern be? Well, harder than you might think (that explanation provided especially for my. . .ahem. . .non-knitting friends!) So, I never did find the perfect pattern. Still, I am entering the event. I figure that I know enough about general sweater construction that I can work with a simple sweater generator from Knitting Fool that I love, and come up with something I like. . .I did it with the Mockery, after all!
So, I am sure I can do it again. So, I went on Knit Picks website to see what yarn I wanted to use. . .the Mockery was done in a light, fingering-weight wool, with a strand of lace-weight carried along every 10 rows, and it turned out fabulous. But, I don't want this sweater to be that fussy in the yarn. How about this:
Same stuff I used for the Mockery, but this time in Salsa Heather color! I feel spicy and warm just thinking about it! And, even though I will need 10-12 balls, it's only $2.19/ball, so it's totally affordable! I am like Yay! and double Yay!! and triple Yay over here!!! The only dilemma that I have now is keeping myself from starting before the lighting of that silly torch! Can I do it? Eh. . .we'll see. . . ;-)

In the meantime, I have one sock of my tail-chasing pair finished, and the other is half-way to the heel on the leg portion. Doesn't that sock look cool?!?
Yeah! I took a picture in the snow. . .how much cooler can you get?! haha!

And I started College Girls second pair of legwarmers, so there is no shortage of knitting at Pretty Knitty's house. Situation normal. Now I am off to work on some counters for the shop, then off to stitch in bliss. . .!

Knit in Good Health!


  1. HMM will you wait to cast on or cave like me?!?!

  2. I should have brought it to show yesterday -- but my new Jo Sharp in Casket -- is almost the same color.

    Oh, my the yarns I have -- I am still working hard on monogomy of projects, but I need to get a baby sweater done for a baby that is arriving in February -- and finally the yarn and pattern have converged. However, I don't want to put down my Fireside to work on the baby sweater....what to do, what to do.