Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chasing My Tail. . .

Soooo, remember this sock?
Yes, I started it, blogged it on Wednesday, and was just LOVING THE KNITTING! Then, when I got to just past the heel, I decided to try it on so I could fully appreciate my knitting prowess and mastery of the sock-knitting, in general. squee! But (dissonant chords, by threes, here), the linen stitch (k1, sl1) on 6 of the panels was so inelastic that the sock would barely go on, and there was NO WAY it was going past my heel. . .(tears of a knitting clown here)

I stopped, and frogged. I did not know what the solution would be. I figured that I could either add a repeat of both panels OR I could add a stitch on either side of each linen stitch panel. . .but neither sounded foolproof (with me, really, is anything foolproof?) and I was still a bit heartsick at having to rip out a pattern that was so perfectly matched to the variegated yarn I was using. I took a moment to grieve.

And. . .then. . .it came to me!

SEED STITCH! Yes, k1, p1 in the 6-stitch panels where the linen stitch had been, then k the ps and p the ks every time I came to those panels. . .and viola!
So, I have stopped chasing this tail, at least, and the Edwardian Boating Socks are well on their way, and I think the seed stitch maintains the integrity of the colorwork this yarn provides, while being very stretchy! Yay! Actually, this picture is a little old. . .I have turned the heel, knit the foot and started the toe decreases on this sock. . .aaaand it fits!!! But, the picture of where I actually am is not as good as this one, so this is what you get for now!

As far as life, in general. . .I also feel a little like I am chasing my tail there. I have been at the same job (which I love!!!) for 10 years, part time. This year, for the first time. . .ever. . .it became an actual, full-time, 9-5 job for me! While I am soooo pleased at this new turn of events, it is an adjustment. And this week, for the first time, I am really feeling it. Sooo, back to the basics, and perhaps there will be some weeding in the garden of Pretty Knitty's life. . . Until then, I find myself treading water, chasing my tail, and feeling a little lost from time to time.

Oh, and I am going to do the Ravelympics 2010. So, I must not be that stressed! My events will be the Flying Camel Spin (I am going to attempt to teach myself to spin), and the Sweaterboard Cross (I think I am gonna knit a sweater)! Are you joining the games? Maybe I will see you there.

Knit in Good Health!


  1. Cute sock! NOw I have to figure out what to knit for Ravelympics since I started the fireside!

  2. Brilliant solution! Thanks for the encouragement re toe-ups on my blog (Double Pointed Noodle) and glad to have found your blog!!

  3. that is a cute sock, I'd never seen that sticth until a couple days ago when my mom made a Swifer thingy out of that sticth=)
    I just finished my one sock today, first time using toe up, and short row heel.What is your favorite heel?