Thursday, October 1, 2009

And the Winner IS. . .

CORRIE, of the Standby-Go blog!

insert applause here

Congratulations, Corrie!

more applause here

Corrie, I do not have your email addy, but am going to check out your blog to see if I can find it. Otherwise, I will leave a comment there. Alternately, email me (prettyknittyjewelry [at] yahoo [dot] com), and we will figure out how to get your booty from my house to yours! Congratulations again!

(See, I told you it would be a short post. . .)

yet more applause. . .

Really? Haha! Knit in Good health, people!


  1. I declare a FIX -- I FIX I tell you... I totally had this contest in the BAG....apparently Corrie bribed better than me. ;) Hahahaha --- I kill me.

    (We all know Pam can not be bought -- right? right?)

  2. I promise I did not bribe her!!! But I am so excited that I won! This never happens to me :-) Pam, I emailed you my info. Thanks again!

  3. Congratulations, Corrie!
    Pam, thanks for the contest:)