Saturday, September 19, 2009

Glorious, Lazy Saturday

As the post title suggests, today was a good day. Not a day to go down in history, nothing super-terrific happened. Just a day to sleep in a little, spend some time with my sweet hubby, do some laundry, clean a bathroom, watch a little TV, and knit a bit. sigh! It has been a lovely day!

Here is what I have been working on today:
My Cardigan, in Knit Picks' Pallette (fingering-weight) and Shimmer (lace-weight, added in every 10th row) yarns. (You won't find this colorway in the Shimmer anymore, the pink-and-yellow Happy Dance has been discontinued, sadly.) This is the first of the two fronts, and it is nearly finished! I love the way the fronts go so much more quickly than the back! And I love how this is turning out!
I also love how my Candy Cane Socks are turning out. . .Look! I am almost ready to start my toe on sock 1! Yay! My mods are listed on my Ravelry Page. The yarn is Plymouth Happy Feet.
Most of my sock knitting today happened on the way to and from the movies. We saw Inglorious Basterds, directed by Quentin Tarantino. Now, I am not normally into movies with lots of violence, and this movie definitely had a LOT of violence, but I loved the film! Our DD had recently told her Dad that she had seen it and thought it was funny. I also found a good amount of humor. . .no, more like irony. . .throughout. He did not like the movie as much as I did. I'm glad we saw it, though.

And, since I only post twice each week, I will share some fun that I had yesterday, as well! See the twins? See the twins smell the flowers? Are they not adorable? Of course they are! I had the wonderful opportunity to play with them a little bit after work yesterday, and we had a good time. We walked to the playground, and stopped to smell the posies on our way back home! They are two, and it's so fun to watch them just explore everything. For those of you who go to church with me, I will let you in on the new phrase I heard all the way to the playground and back. . ."Goose poop ucky!" lol!
So, thanks for listening. Come back again soon! My 6-month bloggiversary is this Thursday, and there will be a contest, with yarn and other fun stuff! Yay!
Knit in good health!


  1. Love how your sweater is coming out!! You are indeed a speedy knitter! Have you used the Knitting fool top down raglan generator? I want to make a cardi that I will steek with my Plymouth boku and was planning on using that since I jsut want a simple sweater..

  2. The twins are adorable and I love the phrase,lol.

    What is this generator Michelle is talking about??