Wednesday, September 2, 2009

G'Day, Mate!

Hopping in with no lack of pictures in my pouch today! There has been much knitting and much craziness since last I blogged! I am really loving the Wonderful Wallaby once again! This is still the first one, and I am plugging along, loving the knitting, but getting tired of the grey! But, even in the absence of bright colors, I am having some dump-truck fun, apparently! Yay! I am currently working on the second sleeve so I can finish the body of this thing, then on to the hood!
Here is the other reason I am tiring of the grey! It is my Cardigan in fingering-weight yarn. . .it is coming along, but going slow, as you might expect for a project in such a fine gauge. . .overall, I am loving it, and I cannot wait until I can wear it. . .this will be one of my favorites, I am sure! At least with this one, I get the pink-and-yellow peekaboo every 10th row! Yay!
And here is the bigger picture. . .back finished, first front started! Hey! Check out that cool jewelry on the knitting! haha!
Here's some more Jewelry to check out! I made some more hand-knit bracelets!
One with pink teardrops and green "leaves,"
. . .and one with beads of pink in many shapes and sizes!
Eventually, I will have bracelets like these for sale in the shop (along with their cousins that are already there), but these were for some friends that I spent the day shopping with today! (Sorry, no people pics. . .why did I not bring my camera?) Hi, Girls! It was fun! remember, make the "T" into an "I to remove the toggle clasp!
Now for some PrettyKnitty News. . .
You may know that my hours at my "regular job" were cut back a few months ago, giving me an extra day off each week (Wednesday). I found out recently that today is my last Wednesday off. Now, that's partly a good thing (more paycheck = more yarn and supplies), and partly a bad thing (more hours = less time for blogging and other fun stuff). I have been pretty good about blogging twice a week, and I will try my best to keep it up, but the mid-week update may be a little more sporadic from here on out. If that does indeed come to pass, I will compensate by making my "Saturday Evening Post" even funnier than it already is. . .
OK. . .well, it will be funnier to me. . .
Anyhow, yeah. . .
Knit in Good Health!

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  1. Yeah the whole work thing sure cuts into the kniting doesn't it? It stinks..but then again with out work there wouldn't be much yarn...

    The wallaby and your sweater are coming out great!