Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Could’ve Just Dye-ed!

So I did! And here is how I really feel about dyeing with Easter Egg colors:

And here is how Michelle really feels about dyeing with Kool-Aide:

And here is how the yarn turned out:

And we had so much fun with our yarn today at my house, that I almost did not get around to blogging! Bad Blogger! Bad Blogger! Bad Blogger! LOL

Almost done knitting my Hey, Teach. . .but very little knitting today. . .oh, well. Made another sale on ETSY – Yay and Yippee! And I got to play with my Daughter-In-Law and my scrapbook supplies at the same time this evening. Again, Yay and Yippee!

By the way, this is how my DD feels about Mom and Friend taking over the kitchen for yarn dyeing at lunchtime:

Good to see you. Glad to get my Wednesday blog out before midnight! Yaaaaayyyyyyy!

Knit in good health!


  1. Your yarns look lovely! Will there be a show and tell tomorrow night?

  2. He he he..It was such a fun day indeed!!!! I dyed 3 more skeins last night!!