Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Knitting

Does that make you think of a song? No?
How about this:

Summer Knittin’
happened so fa-a-ast
Summer Knittin’
It was a bla-a-ast
Met some yarn that wanted to beeeee
A wool sweater, too hot for me

Summer sun, makes wool no fun
Un-less you’re just knitting socks

Well-a, well-a,well-a, humph!
Tell me more, tell me more
Like is there any yarn
Tell me more, tell me more
That’s not hot as a barn?! (OK, ok, I know, that was a stretch)

insert nonsense syllables and dance moves here

Summer Knittin’
Tired of so-o-ocks
Summer Knittin’
Wanted a fro-o-ock
Found some cotton, sticks goin’ quick
Baby sweaters, what a good trick!

Summer shade, wool dreams will fade
Bu-ut, oh! Cotton’s good in the sha-ade!

Well-a, well-a,well-a, humph!
Tell me more, tell me more
Like is cotton “da bomb”?
Tell me more, tell me more
Makin’ sweaters for mom…

insert nonsense syllables and dance moves here
then, much slower

Summer days
of breezes and haze
Bring us back
to those cool cotton (switch to falsetto here) way-hay-ays!

To which a fellow Raveler posted, “ROFLMAOPMP !!! (Those last three are peeing my pants:)” Haha! I love ya, Annie! And, sorry, Michelle! I totally stole your Ravelry Post Title!

Other than amatuer songwriting, I finished my Hey, Teach! this week, and I am pretty pleased with it! I feel so Pretty in Pink!

Please note, the cat is not nearly as pleased. . .oh, well!

Knit in good health!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Could’ve Just Dye-ed!

So I did! And here is how I really feel about dyeing with Easter Egg colors:

And here is how Michelle really feels about dyeing with Kool-Aide:

And here is how the yarn turned out:

And we had so much fun with our yarn today at my house, that I almost did not get around to blogging! Bad Blogger! Bad Blogger! Bad Blogger! LOL

Almost done knitting my Hey, Teach. . .but very little knitting today. . .oh, well. Made another sale on ETSY – Yay and Yippee! And I got to play with my Daughter-In-Law and my scrapbook supplies at the same time this evening. Again, Yay and Yippee!

By the way, this is how my DD feels about Mom and Friend taking over the kitchen for yarn dyeing at lunchtime:

Good to see you. Glad to get my Wednesday blog out before midnight! Yaaaaayyyyyyy!

Knit in good health!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Or just start on my own?

So, the gals of Cleveland Knits West over on Ravelry have decided to do a sweater KAL, Hey, Teach from And I love this pattern. And I want to knit along. And I have the yarn. And I want to have the sweater before the end of the summer. And the group decided to start the KAL on July 1st. And I finished all of my current WIPs recently.

(But, remember, I only knit one or two, or at the most 3, projects at a time. So, all that finishing is not as impressive as it sounds at first read.)

Anyway, I couldn't wait. . .I had to start. . .I just HAD to! So, here is the back of the sweater, and I have knit about half of the left front as well.

A great sigh of relief as I see the lace becoming the sweater which will become my best friend in an over-air-conditioned office. Yay!

In other news, today Hubster and I went to see The Taking of Pelham 123 with John Travolta and Denzel Washington. Now, I don't know if I have mentioned this before or not, but I am a HUGE John Travolta fan! From Vinnie Barbarino to Danny Zuko to the mother of that girl in Hairspray. . .OMGosh! I have always thought he is soooo hot! (I know, he was in drag in Hairspray, but that was the point! Still hot!) Yeah, I got it bad! Hahaha!

It was a good movie. Lotta swearing, but then there was a lotta tension, and tension in the movies often leads to that. So, in this knitter's opinion, it was a good movie. Totally worth the price of the ticket, especially if you like Travolta or Washington.

Well, that seems like a good length for a blog post, no? I think yes. It's good to see you here, and I hope you are enjoying all that summer has to offer you.

Knit in good health!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Don't count your chickens. . .

. . .but, by all means, DO count your rows. . .and your stitches. . .we wouldn’t want anyone getting lost or anything. . .!!!

Well, this will be another short post. I love to write, but even on my days off, there just are not enough hours in the day to do it all! Oh, well. I did get a big something accomplished today! A new item in my Etsy Shop!

. . .drum roll. . .please. . .

Crochet Row Counters! With matching row markers for marking sets of 10 rows! In two styles!

I have been talking to the crocheters on Ravelry, and designing, and playing with jewelry findings, and I came up with a set for sturdy yarns, and a different style for more delicate yarns! So, what do you think? Leave me a comment! Better yet, check out the shop, and tell your crocheting friends! See you in the funny papers!

Knit in good health!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wood Whats?!?

So, the name of my current FO is not pretty. I have made three "Wood Hoods" for my husband, at his request. . .get your Mingus out of the gutter! ("Sorry!," to those of you who are not in the Cleveland Knits West group over on Ravelry! That is a bit of an inside joke!) But, I digress. . .Wood Hoods are GOLF CLUB COVERS! I got the free pattern here, and they are fun-furry on the top, and ribby down the club handle!

They are not dry yet, so I don’t have a pic on the clubs. . .but I should get one tomorrow, just before said husband takes them out to the greens for his Monday league! They are pretty cool, and they went super quick in worsted yarns!

My other FO for this week is another baby sweater! I don’t know which baby will get this one. . .all those pregnant women at church. . .I am more than sure it will find a home! This is the same sweater from my previous post, and the yarn is really soft and sproingy all knit up. I love this sweater! And, even despite the previously-mentioned splittiness, I will buy this yarn to work with again!

Now, before you think that I am some kinda mad-knitter with all these FOs lately, remember that I only bite off small chunks. . .and usually only one or two at a time. So it’s not that I am fast, just focused. And sometimes bored. And occasionally in a pickle about what to knit on next, looking for the plan! For now, baby sweaters and hats, here I come! Oh, and perhaps a sweater for Pretty Knitty?

So, what’s next? Well, I sell those knitting row counters over at my Etsy shop, and I have been thinking about making up some crochet row counters also. I have come up with an initial design. . .but there are still some bugs to work out. I may put up my first crochet counter this week, but then I thought I might get it up there over the weekend, and well, you know, life sometimes gets in the way! My life stuff this week was a wedding yesterday (beautiful daughter of a friend of mine – beautiful wedding) and teaching Sunday school today, then working in the church Nursery with the babies also! Busy weekend, but I will sleep good tonight! I hope that you will as well.

Knit in good health!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sale in the Woods. . .

So, guess what they do over on Etsy. . .no, I mean guess. . .really guess. . .

While you are guessing, here’s a picture of the sweater I am currently working on:

It is based on the Sweater Wheel generator over at! I love that site, what with it’s sweater patterns in nearly any size imaginable. . .I just pick a person and enter their size, the yarn weight I plan to use and BAM! Pattern!!! What could be better? So this is a 6-12 month sweater (What can I say? I never swatch for gauge, and I was off, but it’s a baby sweater. . .at some point it will fit. . .just little adjustments to the length here and there, and viola! Did I say that I love this site?!)

Anyway, the yarn is Cot’n Corn by Bernat in the colorway Summerfield. It’s a little splittier than I like, but very workable. And my gauge is about 4.5sts/in rather than the 5sts/in the pattern calls for, so I am making everything a little longer to accommodate, and it will probably be a 9 month sweater more than a 6 month sweater. I think it will go over well anyway. . .

So have you guessed yet? What they do over on Etsy? I’ll tell you in a minute.

The other project I am getting ready to start is a set of golf club covers, called Wood Hoods from a pattern I found on Ravelry. No Pix yet, but the tops are knit with felt-able wool and fun fur. . .boy! My DH did not know what he was getting into when he asked for golf club covers! Ha ha ha ha! So, those are definitely in my plans, starting later today.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. . .err, I mean over at Etsy. . .

There’s a YART SALE! Lots of etsy sellers are participating, so I figured, what the heck, I will too! So, from June 10 – 14, I will offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders, and I also have a special section for Yart Sale items with discounted pricing! Check it out over at PrettyKnittyJewelry! Check everyone out while you are there! I know my fave sellers would not mind if you looked them up. . .

Knit in good health!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

In Memory of the Years Gone By. . .

. . .so started the Alma Mater for my High School. I know all the words and the tune. I was in the band. I could probably play it on a trumpet, or sing it a capella, and I could probably record and upload an audio file for you, but that might be labeled “cruel and unusual.” Suffice it to say that I remember when I was a High School Graduate.

Now, my youngest is a High School Graduate. I don’t know if she knows the words to her Alma Mater (different school than the one I graduated from), but the administration was kind enough to print them for her on the back of the Commencement program they gave her with that all-important diploma. Yes, I am sure she (and all her classmates) will save those. NOT!

And today we had her Graduation Party. Now, I am not a party goer or a party thrower, generally speaking. Oh, some have said that it’s a party when Pretty Knitty is there, but planning for parties really kinda stresses me out. I knit, and I make jewelry for my knitting, but I do not have a lot of experience planning for parties, and the last Grad Party (two years ago, for our oldest) just about did me in!

But this time, I waited until just a few days ago to shop, and the Graduate, her Dad and I rolled meat for the deli tray, cut up fruit and veggies, and made a killer pasta salad last night and this morning. Then, this afternoon, I had a great time at the party! No worries, just the fun of sitting (and standing) and visiting with friends and family while we congratulated the Graduate! Maybe it’s because I finished two good-sized knitting projects this week, but I just really enjoyed myself! I think the Graduate and her Dad did too! Yay!

Speaking of Knitting, here are the two projects:
Lacy Ribbed Top (modeled by Pretty Knitty herself – thanks for the photo, Michelle!)

And the Cleveland Knits West May KAL Sock (Mad Color Weave)

Oh, and before I forget, please join me in congratulating the “Apparently-So-Happy-She-Could-Dance” Graduate!

Knit in good health!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sweaters and Purses and Socks. . .Take 2!

So, in the hustle and bustle of my week, I realized (nearly too late) that I have not blogged today! Aaaargh! I am trying to blog just 2 days a week, and I can’t keep up?!? What is with my life?

Oh, that’s right. One is graduating. . .err, has graduated (over the weekend officially) and is headed for college in the fall. And the graduation party is this Saturday.

Blogger stops to mention that Saturday’s blog may not appear until Sunday, BTW.

And then the other one is in a place far, far away, where scary things can happen. There was a little tension last night. . .we heard of an “incident,” but our soldier is safe. Still, it was not a restful night of slumber as we waited to hear for sure.

Blogger stops to mention that she avoids the news stations most days. . .the Army will let her know what she needs to know. . .
No news = good news.

So, I almost forgot to blog. Luckily, I have been knitting away, and I have TWO finished items to show you
(picture me dancing, if you know me, or you think you might know what I look like, anyway)!
A Sweater:

This is the Lacy Ribbed Top from Creative Knitting! It looks much better on, but I am short one willing photographer at my house tonight, sooo, here it is in it’s un-blocked glory for now. I bought 4 skeins of Vivace yarn, then suffered some buyer's remorse when I found the pattern only called for 3. Still, I kept the fourth, and lo and behold. . .I needed it! I only made it about half-way through the second sleeve when that third skein ran out, so Boy!, was I glad I had a #4 in my bag! And there's a lot of #4 left, but Yay! for #4!!!

Today’s “blog-isode” is brought to you by the number 4,
and the colors Green and Blue and Gold!

And I finished the Bride’s Purse, knitted of three ribbons (white satin, white organza and silver tape yarn) and a string of clear beads so it sparkles a bit:

And the Bride did not ask for it, and the Bride may not want to use it, but the Bride’s mother sees the merit. . .and if the Bride decides against it, well, maybe I can sell it in the ETSY Shop? I will learn to roll with the flow (said the “recovering “Type-A,” OCD, Anal-Retentive Blogger to no one in particular).

But, even though I have finished a sweater and a purse, I still have not finished the KAL socks. They are the next in line, I suppose. . .right after the Graduate's scrapbook. . .and the deli trays. . .and the fruit and veggie trays. . .
But, now that the Blogger has blogged for the day, the Blogger is going to bed. I hope that you sleep well when it is your bedtime, aaaaaaaand. . .

Knit in good health!