Sunday, April 5, 2009

This is a Row Counter. . .

“And I love making things.
Which is why I currently own 20 Knitting Row Counters.”

They help me keep track of how many rows I have knit. I have counters that count 20 rows, and they are good for also keeping track of pattern repeats that come in 2, 4, 5, 10 or 20 rows! I also have counters that count up to 100 rows! I have counters that fit small needles (to US size 4 or so), medium needles (to sizes 6-8), even extra-large needles (to size 13)!

“And I love my Row Counters.
And my friends love my Row Counters.
And they encouraged me to open an etsy shop.”

Now, at first, I wasn’t sure what an etsy shop was. Now I am in the know, and you can find my etsy shop at! This is where I sell my Row Counters.
My Row counters are more than just a way to count rows. . .they are a little bling for your knitting! What knitter doesn’t like a little bling? I don’t wear a lot of jewelry on myself, but most of my knitting does, and I always have knitting with me, so I always have a little bling - Yay! Don’t you need a little bling for you knitting? Come check me out! Here are some of the polymer clay charms I showed you on Wednesday, made up into counters!

By the way, when I am not making jewelry for my knitting, or blogging or geeking on Ravelry, I also knit! Check out the nifty project bag Michelle made me, and my current sock in progress – Fools Rush (free on Ravelry)!


  1. Your sock looks great! Good yarn for the pattern!

    The new counters with the clay charms are darling!

  2. I love your row counters they are so fun! And useful too!

    the clay sweaters are adorable!