Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hellooooo, Blog-Land!

“Where I learned that I love to be on the computer.
So, I thought about starting a blog.”

Ok, it’s true. I love to be on the computer. I love to go on the Internet. I love to do research. I love to write. I am some kinda computer maniac!

And my family doesn’t get it. In all honesty, my family doesn’t “get” many of the things I do. When we were younger, and dating, my dear Hubby would listen to me talk for a long time about band, crafts, friends, my pets, crazy aunt Myrtle. . .well you get the picture. He would just let me go on and on and on. . .about almost anything. Now, he says, “I’m watching 24.”

In all fairness, when it’s important. . .like, I don’t know, the house is on fire or dinner is ready (could be the same thing, the way I sometimes cook), he will even turn off the TV or put down the crossword to listen. So, he can turn it on and off at will. He simply has very little interest in the new Internet group I just joined, or my latest knitting, or other crafty endeavor. It’s not his thing, and he doesn’t get it. Again, in all fairness, NASCAR is not MY thing, and I just don’t get that!

But, if my hubby and my kids are not that interested in hearing about what’s going on, and I still have words left. . .well, what’s a crafty gal to do? What if it’s early in the morning, or really late at night, and I think my crafty friends’ families might not appreciate a phone call? What if it’s 4 more days until the knitting meet-up? Wait, maybe someone in Blog-Land will listen!

Sooooo, I thought about starting a blog. Apparently I did more than think about it, because here we both are! And, hey. . .I’m glad to see you! Wanna hear about my latest knitting? It’s a pair of socks. The pattern is called Fools’ Rush, and it’s for my knitting group’s April Knit-Along. I love the yarn – Plymouth Happy Feet, and I am really enjoying the knitting.

Oh, and there’s a scarf I haven’t even listed on my Ravelry page, because I don’t know how committed I am to it. Oh, and there are like 3 baby sweaters I need to get started on. Oh, and I want to do more wrist warmers because they are fun, and because, well, I just like ‘em! Here's fun pair I did back last Christmas. . .how could you not like them?!?

Oh, and did I tell you about my etsy shop? And did I tell you about the Polymer Clay I have been working with, and my knitting and selling cheerleaders? And did I mention that I have been trying to follow NASCAR sometimes lately? And did I tell you that my family, while I love them, sometimes drives me batty? And did I tell you. . .


  1. Oh, that set is gorgeous! And a whole lot of work. I've done two-color cabled knitting, it is very slow. But look at what you got at the end! Beautiful!

  2. Hey aren't you supposed to be working? Oh wait you posted this before work..OH wait I'm the one who should be working....LOL

  3. Your family's lack of interest in your crafts is definitely our gain! And I'm fairly certain you'll never run out of words, for which I, for one, am truly grateful:) Because sometimes it is 4 more days (or 6!) until knitting group, or sometimes (shudder) I have to miss group, and I know I can come here and see what you've been up to! And I'm never disapointed, because you're ALWAYS up to something, which I love! (Plus it keeps you from your knitting, which means I stand a chance of keeping up with you on the sock KALs!)