Saturday, April 25, 2009

Contest Time! (Take 2)

First, here’s the booty again: (NORO Sock Yarn, and a set of PrettyKnittyJewelry Stitch Markers and Row Counter)

Just post a comment telling me how many of my blog posts you have read, and what your fave pastime/hobby is – other than knitting, of course! Winner announced May 1st!

Ok, along with learning my way around the computer, in the past 10 years or so, I have also learned how to navigate Yahoo, Yahoo Groups,
Ravelry, Facebook, My Space, Google, Etsy, and now Blogger. I even designed a website for our church a few years back, and it was fun! (I have told you all how much I love the computer!)

Each time, I pretty much dove in head first, learning as I went, and this blog is no exception to that rule! The contest has helped me learn a little more about you guys, a little more about me, and a little more about blogging on Blogger. Mostly, it has been a rip-roaring good time! But, there have been one or two times that I have found myself just shaking my head, wondering how exactly to proceed. (Same story, new application!)

Aaaaanyway, so here I am, with about 68 new comments for my contest, and I am really wanting to reply to each one. Buuuuuut, I haven’t yet figured out how. . .I have replied to a few. . .but, for the most part, I can’t seem to find email addresses for individual commenters. So, as the contest continues (you have until Thursday, April 30th, at midnight EST to enter), let me take a moment to say:

  • Wow! Knitters are a wide and varied group of people, enjoying every type of pastime from cooking and reading to riding motorcycles, working out and playing/watching all kinds of sports. You guys are all amazing!
  • Spinning counts as not knitting, so all of those entries are completely valid. The same goes for collecting yarn (stash-ing), crochet, sewing and all other needle arts, as well as frogging (which I hope you don’t have to do, if it is painful for you).
  • I have a beagle too! Aren’t they funny little dogs?! LOL
  • Who doesn’t love a good cuddle on the couch? I always miss that when sticky-hot summer comes around. . .
  • Mistaking “time at work” with “time with the dog” is not that uncommon. I work with a couple people, and sometimes they can be as much fun as my dog. . .sometimes not. . .
  • Ummmm. . .I don’t know if sleeping should be counted as a hobby. . .but I’m gonna say ok to it. . .sometimes, when I sits down, I just falls asleep myself!
  • Oh! And thanks for all the kind things you have all said about the blog and my shop! I guess if I had to pick a “second-place” hobby, it might be writing. One day, I even started writing a book. . .but that’s a story for another day!

I know that I did not respond to everyone, but I hope I have addressed any questions you might have left. If not, comment again, or PM me on Ravelry (PKJewelry), and I will get back to you the best I can!

For now, here’s what I have been up to –

More Millfiore - Blue Sweaters this time! These are newly listed Stitch Markers from the

Mockery Socks – as part of a KAL on Cleveland Knits West (Ravelry).
And I seem to have Polymer Clay on the brain, so check the
shop often for new additions!

Ciao, Baby! And may you all knit (and read, and ride motorcycles, and sleep, and play with your dogs) in good health!


  1. Hey did you make a fake foot or is that your phone stuck in your sock?

  2. I've gone back and read all your posts, and love your blog! You have a sense of fun and enjoyment that is contagious. Other than knitting, I enjoy surfing on the computer, finding new knit blogs, blogging myself (been neglecting that...), reading, and avoiding housework!

  3. Read 4 now, still enjoying it - and have just found a new hobby. Re-doing furniture. Right now I'm making a ladybird dresser out of an old, brown dresser and a little chair to put my feet at while knitting... It's so much fun...

  4. i am new to your blog so still getting to know you! I also enjoy backpacking, cooking, reading, photography, skiing, scrapbooking etc etc. The list just goes on!!!

  5. I have just discovered your blog! it is really great! I like your etsy shop! You have a lot of talent! I'm beginer in knitting and I like all which is crafts!

  6. Hi there! Read 7 posts so far, will read the rest later. Favorite non-knitting pastime? It's probably a tie between reading and baking. I've read over 50 books so far this year, and made chocolate chip cookies this morning. Look forward to seeing your future posts!