Pretty Players

Meet the Pretty Knitty Players...the family behind Pretty (usually rolling their eyes and reminding Pretty that she is not always as funny as she thinks she is!)These are the folks you will see here on a regular basis, and they are my main support system. Ask them about these stories, and they will confirm that I love to make things up embellish for comedic effect...and their recollections may vary somewhat from the stories shared here!

I'm Pretty, but you already knew that.  
This is me with Mr. Pretty (aka Sweetie or Pop-Pop), the love of my life...

Meet Mork and Mindy, and their girls. Mork is my oldest, he is in the Army, and Mindy is my delightful daughter-in-law. Peanut is the big girl, and Sweet Pea is the "baby," and Pop Pop and I are smitten with these lovelies!

Dollface (formerly College-Girl), my beautiful daughter, is the spitting image of her mother (some years ago)! Isn't she pretty?!? Well, I think so (of course)! She and her sweet hubby, Face, have not yet started their family, but we have our fingers crossed for them!

Face and Dollface do have a little dog...the cats are not fans, but I am!

And the cats...where would the blog be without the cats?

There are other players from time to time, but these are the stars of this blog.  Well, these people AND the knitting!


  1. Oh. See, I have no cats. This explains EVERYTHING.

    1. Coz, every time I see this comment, I smile. Thanks!