Saturday, July 14, 2018

Pushing Buttons

One of the fun things I do as a knitter, is playing with buttons. This is a,, miniscule sampling of my button stash...

What sweater, after all, is not better after the addition of the perfect button(s)? Exaaactly. For instance, I am working on two little sweaters...and they kindof match, and I would like the buttons to kindof match as well... Bugs? No, those are too big. Frogs? No, too green. Flowers? No. These are little boy sweaters. Cars? Maybe...are there any that are not yellow? No? Ok, not cars. Wait! There they are! Trains! One tan and one blue, just like the sweaters!

But I only have one of each, and the sweaters need 6 buttons which of the plain buttons will go with the trains? Look at all these colors!!! (Reminds me of Tiddlywinks! Remember Tiddlywinks?)

Wait, no. I think I would like to go for a more subtle effect...what about these dark blue ones?

And these tan ones...yesssss!

That's the ticket! Now I just need the motivation to sew the things on, and boom! Baby sweaters, shower-ready!

I wish more decisions were as fun as choosing buttons. Unfortunately, most of my life decisions are more like choosing cat food: Wet or dry? Shreds or chunks? Frisky or frantic? Side note: Why are there so many choices for cat food? Ugh...

Still, as boring or difficult as the choices may be, I am glad that I am free to choose. I am thankful to live where I live, to have everything I need, and also that I have the time and resources to enjoy my favorite hobby. Above all, I am thankful that Jesus loves me, today and always, even if I choose the wrong buttons! (Lookout for the cats if I choose the wrong cat food, tho...whooooo, boy! Forgiveness is not in their wheelhouse!)

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

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