Saturday, February 4, 2017

One Year

One year ago tomorrow, our family received devastating news. I won't re-hash it all here and now, but here's a link, if you don't know the story. This past year has been a year of ups and downs, ins and outs, and many dips in the road, as you might imagine. A roller coaster ride.

On the hilltops, there were visits with grandkids, new clothes and a new job that I love.

In the valleys were death, depression and a job that I did not succeed at.

Through it all, God has been my rock and my salvation. God and knitting...

The 23rd psalm, the one that you hear at funerals, has comforted me. Indeed, even though I walk through the valley (not around the valley, or over the valley, or under the valley), the valley of the shadow of death, the Lord is with me. He has been my comfort and has granted my tormented soul much needed rest at just the right times.

Knitting for my granddaughters, and for myself, has brought joy back into my life. Some of my most fun knits have come from this last year, including some dolls,

A sweater or two, this one still in progress...

And even a chemo hat, finished just last night, for a friend's mom. By the way, the cat was even less content than she looks at the thought of modeling this knit! lol!

Finally, the truth of the verse that you see on signs at big games, John 3:16 has been reinforced into my life as I have grown through this most difficult year. "For God so loved the world that he sent his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life" with Him, in Heaven, eventually.

Waiting for the eventual is hard, especially in an imperfect world. However, I am learning, day by day, that I am up for that challenge. With daily prayer, study (and knitting), I'm gonna make it after all...just like Mary Tyler Moore did in the newsroom. I wonder if Mary knew Jesus? I wonder if you do? If you do not, I would love to introduce you. I want my friends and family to find lasting joy, even in difficult times, and He is the only way. Besides that, even though it may be selfish, I would like to see you in Heaven would be grand to praise God forevermore by your side!

A little preachy today? Maybe. But after the year that I have survived, I felt a strong pull to offer hope to anyone out there who may also be struggling. Take it or leave it, you were born with a free will. "But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, (Joshua 24:15)" and we will find our joy in Him.

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. Amen sister! I am forever grateful to my Saviour. I can't fathom what it's like to go through life without Him. You're not being too preachy. We are supposed to share the good news with everyone. We all have a testimony to the goodness of His love and a peace that passes all understanding.

  2. Amen, and hugs to you from me. And I know from many others, too.