Saturday, November 26, 2016

Well, Jesus, Mary and Joseph...!

Halloween has passed, and now Thanksgiving is over. Well, technically there are still leftovers left over, but Thursday has ended (Black Friday, too). So now, officially (according to Pretty, at the very least) it is time for the holiday decorations and music to come out of hiding and cover us all with tidings of comfort and joy! 

As for me and my house, the decorations will include a Christmas tree, festooned with multi-colored lights and ornaments; red and green towels, dishcloths and oven mitts; a wreath on one door and bells on another; and buckets of Christmas cookies! I do not have a nativity, but I've always wanted one. I found a pattern to knit my very own nativity this year, and I had planned to knit one figure or animal per month in 2016 in order to have a complete set. Somewhere around November 1st, I realized that I had not yet started on the venture...but it's never too late...right?!?

Well, sometimes it is too late, but as it turns out, I was able to knit Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus before our visit to see Peanut and Sweet Pea last weekend. 

The girls loved them, and Peanut listened eagerly as I told her the Christmas story right from my head. I know that my telling probably was not perfect, as I did not read the verses directly from the Bible, but I think she enjoyed the telling, and so did I. I wish I knew which she liked more...the story, or learning about what I had stuffed into the figures to weigh them down (better to throw at your sister? No!) and keep them standing upright. (Small, decorative rocks, from the craft store, but not so small that they will come through the stitches.)

While I never did get a photo of the girls playing with their Christmas story family, I did manage to snap a pretty good picture of my son and his family. 

They are a good looking bunch, for sure! Right now, he is home for a short leave from the foreign country he serves in, but he will be going back before Christmas. In the meantime, they do have their tree up and fully festooned, and I would venture to guess that Snowflake (their elf) has already taken up residence on a shelf somewhere in their home!

Soon, and very soon, I will decorate my own home, and I will send photos to the girls (maybe you will also see one or two pictures of Christmas joy here!). In the meantime, Peanut told me that her Christmas socks are too small this year, so I have to get knitting! She's gotta get some new socks before she grows any more, and she's got to get them before Christmas! After all, there are only 28 days until all that Christmas garb is out of season! Have you started shopping yet? 

I have, but mostly online so far...I really don't go in for the crowds on days like yesterday! But I will be shopping today, on Small Business Saturday! Get out there, if you can, and support your fave small businesses today! If you're local, spread the word...I'm always looking for great small businesses to support with my spending!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope that you are enjoying your own holiday celebrations and traditions, whatever they may be, and that you will Knit in Good Health!

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