Saturday, November 12, 2016

'Tis the Season...?

'Tis not quite the season for putting up Christmas trees and wrapping the gifts, however...
'Tis certainly the season for knitting holiday gifts and keeping them secret until Christmas day!

'Tis not quite the season for singing Christmas carols and watching A Christmas Story over and over and over again, however...
'Tis certainly the season for Hallmark Christmas movies, almost 24/7! Movies where the beautiful girl is in love with the wrong guy, but meets "Mr. Right" (also a beautiful person, of course) in the nick of time, and also in time for Christmas.

'Tis not quite the season for baking trays of Christmas cookies and gingerbread, however...
'Tis certainly the season for mixing multiple batters and freezing cookie-sized balls of dough, so that Christmas baking is stress- and mess-free when it's time to bring plates of cookies to friends and family!

'Tis not quite the season for exchanging brown, paper packages tied up with strings, or those that are brightly wrapped and ribboned, however...
'Tis certainly the season to think of others and limit personal shopping, because Aunt Sally knows you well and always gives the most lovely gifts, just like the things you would buy yourself!

'Tis not quite the season for family dinners, complete with the stress of sibling rivalry and relatives who refuse to believe that you are an adult, quite despite the fact that you are 45 years old, however...
'Tis certainly the season to pay attention to the needs and desires of those around you, so that you may plan good gifts in secret and anticipate the joy those gifts will bring at Christmas!

Christmas is coming, to be sure. First, lets get through Thanksgiving, because we have much to be thankful for. My challenge to you today, as you knit and plan for the upcoming gift-giving season, is to make a habit of giving the gift of kindness to those around you every day. Most everyone appreciates a kind gesture, whether small or extravagant, and it only takes a moment to share a smile. 'Tis always the season for Kindness.

Of course there has been much knitting in the Pretty house lately, much of it related to gift-giving and therefore secret, but I will share with you a quick pic of my granddog (who knows all my secrets after visiting for a week with me and Pop Pop, but he's not talking!). Isn't he the cutest??? 

Thanks for stopping by the blog today. Be kind to one another, and Knit in Good Health!

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