Saturday, October 1, 2016

This. This is why I knit.

Remember these sweaters?

Check this out:

This. This right here. This is why I knit. 
Thank you for loving my knits (and me) as much as I love you and your little ones!

I knit to occupy my hands, especially when I am fretful, which I am a lot these days. 

I knit to occupy my mind, to distract myself from worry and monotony and apathy on the hard days. 

I knit to celebrate joyous occasions, like weddings, new babies and happy children.

I knit to care for the little ones in my life...sweaters to warm them to the core, toys to stimulate creative play and stuffies to comfort.

I knit because I like to create, and because stitches are often easier than words. 

I knit for you, because I care for you.

I knit so I don't kill people. It sounds crazy, but all of my regular readers know that crazy is part of who I am. People are people, wherever you go, and knitting keeps me out of jail. 

What do you do with your crazy? 
If your answer is knitting, I hope that you will Knit in Good Health this week!


  1. Timely post for me. My husband passed away unexpectedly on 9/17. The following week my water heater decided to give up the ghost. I'm trying to deal with grief, the military paperwork (he was retired army) and my water heater. In order not to go off the deep end, I decided to make something beautiful out of something tragic. I grabbed my needles and started knitting a Skinny Irish Hiking Scarf for a veteran. All my knitting falls under the "SAP" heading. Listening to Sermons And Praying when I knit. The click of the needles and changes in the pattern are an instant balm to my frayed nerves.

    1. Pat, I am so sorry for your loss. But I'm glad that you stopped in to read, and that you find some comfort in your knitting. It's funny how the articles are all coming out now, saying how good knitting is for us, when we have known it all the time. Love and hugs to you and your frayed nerves as you adjust to a new normal.