Saturday, July 23, 2016

One Thing After Another!

Hello, Blogland! I have so many things to tell you, but the girls are in town, so my time is pretty limited... As a matter of fact, at this very minute, I am hiding in the basement to write, because typing is very, very difficult with two darling girls climbing over me, or begging me to play! It's been one (wonderful) thing after another for their visit! There has been doll-housing with Pop Pop,

Sliding on the slide,

Knitting (complete with OOPS!, she's a real knitter now!),

Board games with princesses,

Walks in the neighborhood,

Walks in the park, where we saw birds, 

And learned about birds, 

And walked on the funny gravel...

There were even rides on the toddler express!

Yesterday and today have been an absolute heat wave, here in Northeast Ohio, and this is how it went with the girls...

Sweet Pea: It's so hot!

Sweet Pea (sees her sister): Do you want to play?

Peanut: Well, I guess we can go for a ride, if you want...

Sweet Pea: Wait a minute...this is not what I thought you meant!

Sisters. It is what it is, isn't it? 

Yes, it is hot! The weathermen and women tell us that this is just the right time of the year for a heat wave, and I know that winter will always come back, so I am doing my best to not complain. After all, who can complain with such cuties about??? 

Stay cool, friends, and thanks for stopping by! Knit in Good Health (and hopefully with very few "OOPSes" of your own)

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