Saturday, July 16, 2016

30 Years Later

Last Saturday morning, I posted about my 30th high school class reunion, and I was nervous about really nervous. I wasn't nervous about seeing the school, or standing in that gym where I so often claimed cramps so that I would not have to face that kickball to the face again (yes, that happened. I was that girl, with masking tape on my nose piece after gym!)

I was mostly nervous about crowds, because I generally am. Even though I don't usually have trouble talking to people, the thought of being in a crowded situation makes my stomach turn. As it turned out, I did have moments of feeling totally overwhelmed. There were more classmates who came out to this neighborhood bar and grill to catch up than I had imagined there would be. (I hear they stopped counting at 120-something...or the evening, and about 50 came out for the morning tour.)

Would people remember me? Would I be able to recognize old friends? 30 years is a really long time, and not many of us still look like our senior picture!

Heck, I think I didn't look like my senior picture by the time I graduated! I did let that perm grow out, and I stopped wearing shoulder-padded blazers a short time later! lol! But it was super helpful to have those photos on our shoulders as we approached classmates. As it turns out, a lot of people knew who I was right away, something about living in a house right in front of the school made me a bit infamous...either that or the kickball incident! Some I remembered only by name, and some only by face, and there were even some that I barely recognized at all! Still, I slapped on that name tag, stepped out of my shell and just started talking.

After all, one thing we know about Pretty is that she has LOTS of words!

I didn't take too many photos, I was having too good a time to think about that, and I am pretty awful at the art of selphies... But there were many who did, and thanks to them all, I have had about a week of constant Facebook updates with photos and memories.

What a nice change from the news and all the icky that is in the world right now. Photos of old friends and new, and some new memories to file away until I see some of these wonderful folks again. 

I didn't realize how many still live in or near the town I graduated in! My goal for the next couple years is to try to connect with more of those wonderful folks in person when I can. :) Of course, just this past Wednesday, the girls showed up for another visit, so there isn't much time for socializing outside the family for the next couple of weeks...but I am not complaining! I love these sandwich-swiping,

show-stealing, girlies so much!

It's good to have them back in town! It cuts down on the knitting a bit, but even that is ok. There is still knitting, including that black-and-white, black-and-white sweater, requested by Peanut and currently on my needles. (As I tried to figure out how to jazz up the black and white a little, the illusion became less elusive!)

Thanks for stopping by, friends! Be ready for more pictures of the cutest grandkids I ever did have, and Knit in Good Health!

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