Saturday, June 18, 2016

Coming Back and Knitting

Well, here I am again! Still on this side of the pavement, both physically and figuratively, and I am glad of that! When I wrote that long post about my troubles last Saturday, I wondered if that might do me in for another month. Was I ready to come back to the blog twice a week? Was I ready for even once a week, just on Saturdays? The truth is that I don't really know, so I've decided to let myself off the hook about it. I mean, I am here today, and I do plan to blog on Saturdays for now...but if life gets in the way, I am not going to add to my stress load by worrying about it. 

The truth is that blogging is pretty therapeutic for me. I know, I know...blogging is on the edge of over-sharing at times, but I really like to write it all out. Your comments tell me that you may be enjoying what I write, so I keep putting it out there. Sometimes this causes Mr. Pretty dismay..."But, how did he/she know about that?," he would sometimes ask in the early days of the blog. I'd answer with a simple, "Well, I blogged it." Since he is more of an under-sharer, it was something to get used to, for sure. These days, 7 years into the blog, he is pretty used to it. 

The other thing I really like about blogging is that I can show off a little. Putting a knitting or craft project up is just like shouting, "Look at me, Mom! Look at me! Look over here! Look what I can do!" I know that no one likes a bragger, which is why I don't carry finished knitting around all the time, showing it to everyone I meet. That gets pretty old, pretty fast. It helps if you have the wearer of the item wearing it when you show it off, but even my good friends may be growing weary of me snatching their children to show off my knits... So I blog. It's a pretty fair compromise, I think. I can show off a little, and you can just walk away if you like. I won't even notice if you roll your eyes and sigh, "Really? More knitting???," as you do, so it's good for everyone, right?!?

With that said, would you like to see some knitting? Because I have been knitting! There are some things I can't show you right now, as they are gifties. But I can show you the latest sweater I knit for Peanut...

With kitty cat buttons!

The last time I asked what color her next sweater should be, she said red. Of course, after I finished the red sweater and told her about it via FaceTime, she said, "No, Gwamma. Black and white, black and white!" Sooooo, I suppose that will be next on my needles. Well, maybe after I finish the lavender sweater I'm working on for her sister! I've also finished a couple Wallaby sweaters, and I'd like to knit a little toy for each's quite awhile until fall, so there's time for all the sweaters and things!

Well, there you go. A little truth, a little knitting, a little therapeutic blogging for Pretty. Maybe I'll see if the cats want to blog next week. That would probably be a nice change for everyone. :) Until then, thanks for stopping by and thanks for all of your kind and loving comments. I hope your week is good and that you are taking care of yourself.

Knit in Good Health!


  1. CAT BUTTONS! Could anything be cuter?

  2. Gorgeous shade of red. I suddenly need to go knit something for my grandkids--thank you for the inspiration!