Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Day Three

Today is day three that I am not working. I am not out of a job, just between jobs, as I told you about on Saturday. Also, I should not say that I am not "working"...I am simply not going to work. I have a list of things to work on, and I am making my way through that list, slowly but surely. There are regular things to be done, like paying bills. There are neglected things I have not done in a long time, because I have been busy at work, things like really scrubbing down the bathroom and kitchen. Finally, there are things that I am longing to do in my time off, like binge watching 6 seasons of Downton Abbey while eating bonbons, as a properly kept woman in the middle of life might do. lol!

So far, I have made some good progress on the list, but I seem to keep adding items as I go. Some things I have enjoyed, like hanging the wind chimes my local knitting group gave us in remembrance of Sweetie's sister and brother. Others, notsomuch... Yesterday, I cleaned the bathroom so hard that I my quads are killing me this morning. I am not even sure how that happens! There were no weights involved...just me, the vacuum cleaner (with all of its accessories), a very scrubby sponge and all the normal cleaning products. 

But in between the "chores" I have completed during this "vacation time," I have also done some fun things! I did hang the wind chimes, and I also flung open the windows so that I could hear them while I worked. Every time they ring, I remember that I am loved, and so were they. 

I have done some knitting with catonlap, but not much...

I think the most fun thing I have done so far is to pack the birthday box including 20 packing bunnies! They really do multiply. I think I vaguely remember putting two in there to start, but just look what happened...

I have a friend who assures me that it is quite impossible, genetically speaking, for two bunnies to create 18 more, so that there are 5 individual colors produced along the way. I hear what she is saying, this is junior high level biology, dominant and recessive genes and all... However, we are talking about Red Heart Super Saver yarn, and I think most crafters would agree that this yarn has some "special" qualities...and in the world of acrylic yarns, anything is possible, don'tcha think? lol!

Sorry about that. I could not resist reminding you about the shorts. Those shorts are one of the things I carry in my head for times that I need to smile. I have thought of them often these past few weeks, and they never disappoint. I always smile!

This is the point where I usually say, "Now off to work with me!," but today I think I will get back to that list! The kitchen is jealous of the bathroom, and I have a desperate need to balance our budget, which I have neglected to do for nearly a year. There is also likely to be some knitting. Yes, knitting is one of the things I should have put on the list. I should always include knitting on my list of things to do today.

What is on your "to-do list" today? Whatever it is, I hope that you make progress, get things done, and that you still have time to knit.

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. Too bad Gregor Mendl isn't around anymore, maybe he could help us with those RHSS genetics! Enjoy your "time off", I think we could all use some of that time every now and then.

  2. Comfort knitting. And crochet with a sense of humor.

  3. Enjoy the time off! I'm so glad you love the wind chimes!!

  4. Wonderful use of this gift of time. Love you😻

  5. I'm glad you love the chimes, too! I'm happy we couldn't decide and gave you both. They look perfect there, and I bet they sound beautiful together.