Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My Two Groovy Buttons

Because this is an experimental sweater, why not try some new things? How about some buttons that are sure to match, because THEY ARE MADE OF THE SAME YARN!?! After all, the yarn in this sweater, and the way it is working up, are very distinctive...

Shouldn't the buttons also be distinctive? And entirely matchy-matchy? Well, of course they should! Enter the Dorset Button. If you have never heard of a Dorset Button, check out this tutorial for all the how-tos, in a very simple format. If you like, google the You Tube videos, the history, and whatever else tickles your fancy, too...there is a LOT of information out there! As for me, I just wanted to try a couple of buttons. So I got some 3/4" rings (I wanted 1" rings, and I may still get some...still deciding),

and I made 2 buttons in that size.

Pretty cool, huh? Yeah they are! I've only made 2 because, as I said above (in parentheses), I think I want bigger buttons. I'll have to stop by a better craft store on the way home...I'd love to finish this sweater and wear it to knitting on Thursday! Then I could show you some photos...super yay!

In the meantime, it's just another Wacky Wednesday around here, so Hi-ho! Hi-ho! It's off to work I go! (Well technically, I've been at work for an hour now...which means that, technically, I should be there I go!)

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit (and make buttons) in Good Health! 

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