Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Yarn! Glorious Yarn!...

Soft, squishy and handspun!

Yes, I know that tune is a song about food...from the musical Oliver! (1968)...but every time I touch my latest handspun, all I can think is how glorious it turned out. I mean, it is YUMmy!

I've spun a few kinds of fibers, some I know, some I guess about. This is one that I have all the components for...

...and the batt was so very "artsy!" (It's from my friends at That'll Do Farm, and their fiber is so very lovely!)

Add to that a shiny, new spindle (that matches!)...

...and the freedom I gave myself to just spin and enjoy it! The singles were a little thick here and thin there...

I actually ended up making fat, fiber cigars (technical term is "rolag," but mine are probably not proper rolags...I just grabbed a bunch of fluff and rolled it up before spinning from the end of the cigar),

and I spun and spun, until that spindle was VERY FULL!!!

Then I took that ball off the spindle and let it sit around for a few days (life does have a way of creeping in, here and there, doesn't it?). Eventually, I made a 2-ply, from the inside and the outside of the ball, and I only had one "moment" with that process, so I'll call it a success! Look how full the floofy yarn is on that spindle!

Now, I'm not sure that "floofy" is any kind of proper term for yarn, but it's all I've got. Well, not really...after soaking and snapping and hanging to dry, this yarn is floofy, and airy, and lovely, and scrumptious!!!

And it's mine! 158 yards of DK-to-worsted weight yarn, ready to be knit into something that is next-to-the-skin soft and luscious. Any suggestions?

Whatever I knit with this stuff, I'm sure I'll love it as much as I love this best spin so far!

And now I'm back to the blue clouds... 

Yarn! Glorious yarn!
Me-rino and fluffy!
Batts, fresh from the farm-
Spun into yarn, so puffy...

Yep. I've got the fever. 
And there are your earworms for this glorious (but rainy) hump-day!

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit (or SPIN!) in Good Health!

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