Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hairy Stuff!

Cat-hair disclaimer: Life in a house with cats means that I live with some pretty hairy stuff! Even my knitting gets hairy sometimes, so if you're allergic, perhaps this is not the post for you...

First up, Alpaca Hat for a dear friend in this frigid zone:

Honestly, I think most of the "hairy" on this hat is the alpaca in the yarn, but you never can tell for sure. Cat hair gets everywhere, and my cats are naturally drawn to the alpaca yarns and fibers. Actually, I'm glad this one left my house before some cat sucked on it or chewed a hole in it!

Next up, Cuff-to-Cuff cardigan for me!

It's half-done, as you can see, and it is just cat-hair covered! Of course, so am I most days, so who will notice? The sweater body is about half-done, and I can barely wait to wear it!

Next up, I've also been doing some spinning, and it was pretty hairy!

The fiber is a mystery blend from a friend, and while the colors are pretty, I'm not sure I'm enjoying the fiber prep. I did enjoy making a center pull ball of singles, however, then creating a two-ply, using ALL OF THE YARN! That felt really good, even though there were a couple of "hairy" tangles during the plying...I don't have any specs measured for this one yet, but I'll put them out there when I do. :)

Lastly, these socks

and booties, made from the same yarn!

These are not so "hairy," that you can see, but that's because of the variegated is great for hiding cat hairs and flaws! It is not great at hiding that little pink tail peeking out between the brown toe stitches on that second bootie, tho! lol! I'll be making two or three pair of these, and I hope that some of them will end up matching. All in all, I guess the knitting hasn't been too hairy, really. And I can't wait to share these booties with some tiny toes! 

Finally, before I sign off, I'd like to share one more reason the knitting (and everything in my Pretty little house) has been so hairy lately. This cat loves to take a proper nap, in the sun, on the lap of this knitter (preferably while watching an episode of Downton Abbey)! There really is nothing hairier than that!

On a cold winter's day, it is good to stay warm under a pile o'cats and knitting. I hope that you are  also keeping warm, however you prefer...maybe a little Irish coffee? 

Wherever you find your warmth, thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. I'm crocheting a cat-ghan right now to give to a shelter and it will have some genuine cat hair in it!

  2. Pretty knits and a pretty cat. All sounds good to me.