Saturday, February 7, 2015

Black Cat Sat on a Lap, Oh yeah!

Black Cat: I like the couch...

...but I love the fleece-covered lap even more.

White Cat: The floor is safer.

Black Cat: Is that a DOG toy?

White Cat: It is. Dogs really know how to live.

Black Cat: Don't be ridiculous! The lap with the, that's the place to be! Ahhh!

Wait a second...what is happening here...?

Gah! I'm wearing a dog sweater! White Cat! Hellllp!

White Cat: What? I told you, dogs know how to live...

Black Cat: What is the matter with you, White Cat? Sweaters are stupid!

White Cat: Still enjoying the lap, then...?

It's a perfectly good lap, you know...

Black Cat: Shut up.

Pretty: Whatever you're into, whether it's couches or fleece-covered laps, I hope you have someplace warm to cozy up this winter, especially since that silly groundhog saw his shadow!

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