Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Little Selfish Knitting...

I knit. I knit a LOT. Ask anyone. 

Some of my knitting friends are surprised by how much of my knitting I give away. Some have known me long enough that they are no longer surprised. However, there is a kind of tradition in the knitting community for January, as the holiday-and-gift-giving-season retreats...Self-Indulgent Knitting! Last January, I eagerly complied, casting on a color-work sweater that was intended as a KAL for my local knitting group. (At least two of us actually finished our sweaters, too!)

This year, there were two babies born between Dec 20-Jan 8, and two trips to see our granddaughter (then our granddaughters) a few states away, so my selfish knitting ended up taking a bit of a back seat to the baby stuff! lol! Still, I have managed to cast on a little something for myself, and here it is:

I've been drooling over cuff-to-cuff cardigans for a couple years, and I've had this yarn tucked away for a red cardigan for a few, thought I, it was time! So far, I'm not very far, but I think I am pleased with how it's coming out! I won't really know for sure until I get past the first front and can try on the half-sweater to check for length, fit, etc. Whether it fits me well or not, I am enjoying the knit - there are 4x4 cables every 10 rows, but the rest is just plain is a balm to my knitting soul.

You know what I think I deserve for finally casting on my 2015 selfish knitting? Even though I've started a month late, I think I deserve a gold star, so...BAM! I knit one...

(I'm hoping to write up that pattern. It's a combo of some knit-flat-and-seam-together patterns that I saw, then converted to knit in the round...kinda cool, if I do say so myself!)

How has your selfish knitting/crafting gone in 2015? Or are you already knitting for next Christmas? lol! Whether you are knitting for gifts, or for yourself, thanks for taking a break to stop by the blog today. I think you should get a gold star for that...BAM!

Oh, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. I haven't heard of cuff to cuff sweaters, looks pretty cool!

  2. It's nice you let black cat hold the gold star after the whole dog sweater incident!