Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I took approximately 137 pictures while visiting Mork, Mindy and Peanut. Approximately. After editing out the just-too-blurry and way-off-center and what-was-I-thinking??? photos, I was left with 88 nice photos...or 88 photos that I can at least crop a lovely image out of, and a quite a few that are totally awesome! Of course, I only showed you 23 family photos on Saturday, the best and brightest, to be sure. But there are a couple more that I had intended to blog, until they got kindof lost in the digital shuffle of it this one:

Reminds me of a time, not too long ago (relatively speaking, because 7-10 years is long ago to some) when I spent a lot of time at baseball fields with yarn in my know, like this:

Mork had a couple of softball tournament games while we were in town, and it was awfully fun to watch him play ball again! (Bonus, his team won the tournament, and he was named MVP...proud mama!) What was even better was this: almost every time he was up to bat, we told Peanut to "Cheer for Daddy!" So, she stood up, faced the field and shouted, "Go, Daddy! Go, Daddy! Go, Daddy! GOOOO!!! Hit it HARD, Daddy!!!," while excitedly jumping up and down and clapping. (Gah! The cute!) When he reached a stopping point (on first, second or third base), she switched to a chorus of, "Yayyyy, Daddy!!!," and all that cheering wore her out, to be sure!

Yes, ball fields and knitting just seem to go together in my world...and so do little girls and cute, hand-knit sweaters. My life is good. 

Speaking of good, since coming home, I've made lots of good progress in the knitting department...such as a finished Brickless shawl,

(By the way, thank you Auto Awesome, for the fabulous edits to my clothesline blocking...welcome Fall!)

and a half finished pair of Christmas Socks, pair 7 of 7, if you're keeping track!

There's also some secret knitting going on, but that' know...secret...sooo, yeah. That's all I'm going to say about that. :) 

Are you doing any secret knitting? Are you doing ANY knitting these days? Tell me about it!

And Knit in Good Health!

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  1. Too cute! And that clothesline looks like a dragon attack flying by. Love it.