Saturday, August 9, 2014

That was fun!

Well, happy Saturday, Blogland! I'd love to say that I've got lots of knitting to share with you on this fine afternoon, but I took a little break from the knitting (and everything else) yesterday so that Sweetie and I could take a trip to Cedar Point! When I was growing up, and even into adulthood, I went to Cedar Point every.single.summer...because, you know I love it.

And yes, he is standing in front of a "big noodle sculpture" at my favorite amusement! Advertising. It's everywhere. But there is so much more than advertising, which is why I love this park. For me, the trip isn't complete unless you've ridden some pretty big rides by the end of the day, and I did. The highlight was the last coaster we did for the day - Gatekeeper! Oh, man...what a ride! I had thought about skipping it because of the wait, but by a stroke of luck, we were able to get on after only 30 minutes in line!

From the time we approached the park, with that great coaster-scape just inside the front gates, 

until the time we left, I was a happy Pretty! I think the thing that made me smile the most, though, was when Sweetie got roped into a wild west show on Frontier Trail...

We were just walking along, when we heard the cheesy dialogue (with it's signature portable sound system), and the show was clearly in progress. We stood near the back, and heard the villain say to the sheriff (as he scanned the crowd for his first audience participant), "Wait! You can't shoot me until I say goodbye to my...Ma!" Seeing how this show was going to go, I could almost hear the, "Don't pick me. Don't even look this way, Dude...," that my love was inevitably thinking...because that's who he is. But the villain obviously has a nose for that kindof thought process, because he quickly spotted his next victim (" PA!,"), weaving and bobbing through the crowd, pulling my far-less-than-enthusiastic Sweetie (who is such a good sport) up to the!

And even though we saw 3 or 4 more shows involving similar audience participation, this was his only shot at stardom for the day, thankfully for him. As much as I like the song-and-dance on the midway, I think my favorite show of the day was actually the All Wheels Extreme show. I've never seen the bikes, skates, scooters, and gymnastics of extreme sports up so close before, and it was AMAZING! When we went into the show, I was just going because Sweetie wanted to see it...didn't know if I'd like it, but it was incredible! I could barely believe my eyes as they rolled, jumped, twisted and turned through their routines, even including a little Keystone-Cop-style humor along the way! I tried to get some pictures, but everything happened so fast, and I spent so much of the show just being completely blown away, that this is all I managed to get:

It was so cool! The whole day was so fun! We spent the rest of our time walking, and eating, our way through the park, and I did get on several rides...the Magnum, Mean Streak, Corkscrew, Power Tower, Blue Streak, GATEKEEPER!...gosh, I love roller coasters! It's been several years since we've made it to Cedar Point, and I was wondering if I could still handle the big rides. I'm so happy to say that I can, and also that I can now say that I have ridden every ride (that you don't have to pay extra for) in the park! 

On the way to and from the park, there was some knitting. :) Not much, we live pretty close, but I am now officially past the halfway point on the Christmas socks! This is sock one of the fourth pair, and I am well into the second sock of the pair (but I don't have a pic of that toe yet),

And I've cast on another scarf/shawl!

I hope to settle into some serious knitting time the rest of this weekend, and maybe my next blog post will include a newly finished project (pair 5? scarf? wallaby?). Or maybe not. It's so nice outside, and my friends are trying to infuse a new hobby into my life...we are going bead shopping this!

Thanks for stopping by, and for putting up with all my blather about America's Roller Coast. (BTW, I paid for my tickets, I was not compensated for all of this advertisement...I simply, genuinely love Cedar Point this much, and I would go every day, all summer long, if I could. :) It is what it is.) And now, I'm onto the next thing, and I know that you are too. 

Knit in Good Health, friends, and enjoy the rest of your summer!

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  1. I'm enjoying the vicarious trip to the park. Can't do ours, sun and all that, so tell your sweetie thank you for being a good sport for me.