Wednesday, August 6, 2014

OMGosh! I LOVE These Socks!

What does a knitter do after she has finished the third pair of Christmas socks on August 2nd? 

Well, if she's Pretty, she casts on a fourth pair!

And she knits, and she knits, and she knits some more, until she realizes that she LOVES THIS PATTERN! And she LOVES THIS OMG HEEL! (The heel is part of the sock pattern, so you don't have to buy both...but if the lines don't "speak" to you, you can get the heel separately...and it is a GREAT heel!)

Thank you, Megan Williams, for sharing your brilliance with the rest of us! This is far from my last pair of Christmas socks, and it won't be my last pair of Blurred Lines either! In my mind, I see this pattern in sweaters, in hats, in mittens...just everywhere!

So, what does a knitter do when she realizes that she is totally IN LOVE WITH a sock pattern and it's heel? Well, if she's Pretty, she casts on a sweater! Because who doesn't love a Wonderful Wallaby, right? lol!

What patterns are you loving these days? Whatever they are, thanks for taking a break from your latest project to stop by today! Now, get back to it, and Knit in Good Health! :)

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