Saturday, August 30, 2014

Christmas Socks, take 5

On the 5th day of Christmas, our mother gave to us
Fiiiive Pairrrs of Soooocks
(I'll actually be giving 7 pairs...7 people, you know. But 5 pairs are finished today, so I think I am safely on schedule!)

Maybe this is a better song...
Oh, Christmas socks! Oh, Christmas socks
How lovely is your stripey-ness!

Or perhaps... 
Joy to the world, for Christmas socks!
Their stripes, my heart adores!

Hmmm, it is possible that I am just slightly obsessed with the Christmas socks...and stripes? Maybe. Perhaps I should take a break before pairs 6 and 7 (5 pairs are done! 5 pairs are done!).... After all, there are still a couple more holidays before Christmas this year...such as Halloween...and I do have Halloween knitting: 5 Frozen hats for 5 human heads, as part of their costumes this year! I'm really inspired, because we watched Frozen at knit night this week, you know, as I was finishing up that 5th pair! (Food, Frozen, fun duct tape! I have great knitting friends!)

I've already got two hat bases done (Elsa and Kristoff), but they still need hair...and a snowflake! Even sans hair, I think they look pretty good:

I also have two trolls and an Olaf hat planned for the humans, and I hear that the dog has requested a Sven hat...surely I can figure that out! =D I'll keep you updated, and I think that's what I'll distract myself with today...and tomorrow...and Monday! Yayyy for holiday weekends! :) What are you distracting yourself with on this long weekend?

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Holiday Knitting (and crafting)!

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