Saturday, July 5, 2014

Calico Cattitude

Yes, I know that these are the Dog Days of Summer

but it is high time the Cat got some blog time. After all, I put up with a lot through the year, Pretty is nowhere to be found, and it's my time to shine! Besides, see how photogenic I am?

My picture should ALWAYS be on the blog, not just when I am hugging her foot (BTW, I love feet. I don't know what it is about feet, but I love them. Don't judge.)...

...or hugging her knitting bag (I love her knitting bag, and I cannot believe she took it with her the last time she went to visit Peanut...seriously?)

I am also not really at my best "in front of the knitting." Would someone tell Pretty that? Anyone?

I am prettier than Black Cat, definitely more graceful and refined...

...not to mention that she usually looks annoyed, and that's just not attractive.

Sometimes I look annoyed...especially when I hear that Pretty is knitting Christmas socks for the whole family. I am NOT wearing Christmas socks.

But usually I am just incredibly adorable.

I'm sure glad that you came by the blog today. If she were here, Pretty would say, "Knit in Good Health." I, however don't knit (it's an opposable thumbs thing), but may I ask a favor? You have feet, right? Would you just stretch them out for a bit on our sofa over there? I really need something to hug...thanks.

Sincerely yours,
White Cat

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