Saturday, May 17, 2014

Whatever Pretty Wants

Earlier in the week, I posted a photo very similar to this on my Facebook page:

I captioned it, "Who says curiosity is for cats? My neighbor dogs have their share!," and a friend commented, "They are looking out the window thinking 'Good Grief, she is bringing more yarn into that house...where does it all go?' LOL" We all had a good laugh at that, didn't we? Yeah...well, on Thursday, this stuff showed up at Knit Night:

100% "vintage" acrylic yarn in three large, blue plastic bags accompanied one of my favorite knitters into the church library, and we all squealed with delight as we poured it onto the table and started sorting! 

Well, we squealed with something...perhaps there was some delight in there, but also in the mix were shock, awe, dismay, and even a bit of disgust (what were we all thinking at the time? 60s avocado, 70s mustard, 80s neon pink-orange, 90s rose and country-blue...?). Still, even with all those mixed emotions, most of us managed to find a little bit of treasure to take home on Thursday night. Here is my humble haul, which was mostly baby yarn with a few fun colors of heavier yarn tossed on top:

What will my nosy, neighbor dogs think when I bring that in? What will Mr. Pretty think? I'm really not sure, so for now it's hiding in the trunk of the party car. Shhhh! I'll bring it in when no-one is at midnight...on a Tuesday. 

The truth of the matter is that I didn't need any more yarn. I certainly didn't need any more "vintage" acrylic yarn...but I was as helpless as a bootie-knitting grandmother can possibly be when I saw the fingering weight yarn in baby colors, and fun, variegated and solid yarns that reminded me a little bit of Dory and Nemo. As I added a few skeins of stripey yarns (good for toys), I began to hear that little voice in my head, the one I thought I had mostly stifled a few years back. But when I saw all that yarn on Thursday, I clearly heard it humming, and then singing, "Whatever Pretty wants, pretty gets, and little yarn, Little Pretty wants YOU!" So I simply reclined myself, and resigned myself to the yarn, filling a large, blue bag with "vintage" acrylic yarn to add to my already ample stash of the stuff. 

Anybody have any fabulous baby booties patterns to share with me? 

Thanks for stopping by, friends. 
Please don't judge...we all have our weaknesses...and Knit in Good Health!


  1. Goodness I would NEVER judge! What else could you do when the yarn starts singing to you?

  2. Have fun playing with it! And if it was free, there should be absolutely zero guilt involved, just enjoy. (Said the woman who bought four 150 gram cones of dk 95/5 silk/lycra when it popped up on my favorite site last week. I know I'll use it, but still, guilt, there you go.)

  3. Forgot to add--$22 each inc shipping from England!