Saturday, May 10, 2014

Still Learning Patience

I'd like to say that I grew up with a good handle on what it means to have patience. I'd like to say that, but it would be a lie, and I don't like to lie. 

I'd like to say that being married to a man in the military for 8 years, or that staying married to him for the next 19 years, has taught me something about patience but there's that lying thing again.

I'd like to say that my kids taught me patience as I tried to teach them patience. This may be closest to the truth, but it would still be a bit of an embellishment to what they might like to call "the real story" of how they grew up, so I won't say that either.

Has knitting taught me patience? Maybe. But, you know what's currently teaching me the most patience? Getting good pictures of these socks. The pattern is called...wait for it...PATIENCE! lol! I tried taking pictures on the cats (which they soooo appreciated - NOT)...this is sock 1, almost finished:

The yarn is very dark, and it is quite lovely, but boy! is it hard to get a good picture of! I suppose that I could try to keep the cats out of it, but even when I was trying to get a good shot outside, I had some trouble. I did some testing with just the toe of the second sock...nothing really captured it's essence.

Still, I pressed on, and then BAMMO! This is the shot that I love!

Of course, it doesn't show the first, finished sock at all, because this is just the toe of sock #2...still, THIS is the beauty of this sock yarn (the color is Olympic Forest)...I love it! And I love the pattern! And I am still trying to perfect the art of patience...sigh!

If you have patience, thank your mom. Even if you don't, thank your mom. If you can't thank your mom, whatever the reason, say a quick prayer of thanks that you've made it this far anyway...and find someone who helped you learn something about patience along the way to say "Thank you!" to. 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope I have not tried your patience today...

Knit in Good Health!!!

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  1. Amen, and thank you. And love the socks-on-the-way!

    My then-bachelor brother (now father of four girls) told my mom years ago that he could never have six kids like she did--he just didn't have the patience.

    She stared at him speechless a moment while I watched them with bemusement, and finally got out, "Where do you think I LEARNED it?!"

    I've never forgotten it!