Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Glory, Glory, Halleluja!

Mine eyes have seen enough black yarn to last me many years;
I've been knitting with this black yarn, and it's bringing me to tears!
Though I carried it with gray yarn, still my eyeballs it has seared...
I'm so glad that it's done!
(I think the cats are glad it's done, too!)

Glory, Glory! and Hallelujah! that this project is finally finished. I don't usually knit with such dark yarns (save for a pair of man socks or two through the years), but I was working this sweater as a sample for a friend, and she picked the color/yarns. :) You know that I love knitting, and I am usually not very picky about yarn, but this black about killed my eyes! I think the final sweater looks good, but I don't know for sure, because I can't even seem to focus my camera to take a clear picture of the whole!

Still, I think you can see the basic shape in that photo, and this one shows the texture that came from carrying the gray nylon thread with the black wool:

Overall, I think I like the effect, but glory! Next time I sample knit, I will request NOT BLACK yarn! ANYTHING BUT BLACK yarn! IT NEED NOT BE WHITE, BUT NOT BLACK yarn! Live and learn, and this one is done...well, it will be done after a final soak and block. Then I'll let Lynn know that it's ready for her sample display. :) 

Now, onto the brightly-colored, stripey socks

Or maybe I'll just close my eyes here for a minute...they are so very tired. Do you think my eyes could take a nap while I work today? 

I didn't think so either. Oh, well. A good night's sleep tonight then...that's the ticket! Take care of your eyes, and use good lighting when you craft, especially when working with dark colors! 

Knit in Good Health!

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  1. Black yarn is designed for being knit between noon and 1 pm only.