Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Gimme Some Water...

Magical, mystery is the best part of lace knitting. Take, for instance, this boot cuff...fresh off the needles, in a natural, lace-weight yarn:

Now, if I take that same cuff, and soak it in a little water and dry flat, and...viola!

It's magically delicious! The stitches are all even and pretty...the fabric is soft and much love for the lace in a few drops of water.

For the pictures above, I used a spray bottle to dampen the cuff. But when I soaked both cuffs in a bowl of lukewarm water, they came out even more beautiful, and totally worthy of the vintage glass buttons I found in Grandma's button box. 

Yes, these were quick and fun, and I am glad that I knit them for my friend's wedding. :) I can't wait until I can get a couple pics of them actually peeking out of her boots...

Boot cuffs, who knew they were such a pretty addition? I guess I do now! Of course, the cats don't really care either way...even when it snows, they do not wear boots.

Are you wearing your boots today?


  1. I'd never thought of such a thing--cool, thank you! And congratulations and best wishes to your friend.

  2. I've only worn slippers today, not left the house!