Saturday, January 4, 2014

Size Matters

As I sit here, freshly dug out of the first wave of this winter of 2014, I am reminded that size matters. It doesn't matter for everything, but in some things, size definitely matters! Want a for instance? Snow shovels and snow blowers...when it is snowing and blowing for 24 hours straight, you really need a substantial snow removal system! 

Also, when temps dip wayyy below freezing, you need substantial warm-up gear, like the three bulky afghans I knit for our home last year. They were not for Christmas, and they were not secrets...they were simply new afghans to go with the new paint, new carpeting and new furniture...and they are lovely! There's a red one, a green one and a white one

Quick and squishy, they are fun and super-warm to sit under! But, as the winter goes on, and I nap more on these new sofas, I am finding that they are a little small for naptime. Still they are good for putting across your lap as you knit or watch TV on a snowy day!

Size also matters when you are making stocking stuffers! If you are stuffing a stocking, your stuffers should be small...unless your stockings are not! I kept this in mind as I made my little gifties for the Knitters' Christmas Party, and I grabbed my jewelry tools and shrink plastic to make these:

Little charms for a wine glass or coffee mug! I remember Shrinky Dinks from when I was a kid, and although they are now found under many names, the craft is the same and just as much fun as ever!

And size matters if you are a cat thinking of a nap on this lap...Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, will there be enough room?

Take note don't want to be the one who falls off and has to sleep sitting up!

Size matters in lots of things...especially knitting sweaters. If you want it to fit, they say you should always start with a gauge swatch...did you do a gauge swatch for your last sweater? I did not, but I'd really like to wear my Plum Frost, so I guess it's time for me to do a swatch and cast on for this KAL!

So glad you stopped by, and I hope that you will Knit in Good Health (and out of the snow) this week!

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