Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hands Down, these are My Favorite!

Pretty pop-quiz time! Who knows this: What is my favorite thing to knit? Raise your hand if you think you know. Ok, seems like you think you know me. Ok, go ahead and put your hands down.

How many of you think I like sweaters best? I mean, I currently have two sweaters on the needles, and I went through a phase when all I wanted to knit was tiny I suppose I can understand why you might think that, but it's not sweaters!

How many of you think I like to knit socks most? Well, if you've ever looked at my projects on Ravelry, you will notice a LOT of socks there, in all sizes...but nope, it's not socks! It's also not scarves, hats, afghans or dishcloths, which seem to populate the majority of my most recent project pages! Sooooo, what's left?

You the corner, with your hand up...what do you think I like to knit best?

::Fingerless gloves?::

That's it! I am currently in love with fingerless gloves! (And mittens, and gloves, and did I say fingerless gloves? I did? Oh, good.) Things for the hands are just so much fun. They are quicker than socks and sweaters, a little more fussy than hats and scarves, just the perfect small project to carry along almost anywhere. :) This is my most recent pair of fingerless gloves, made for Mindy's birthday, and she should have them by now...yay for birthdays and fingerless gloves!

And, since I was working on things for the hands, I put together a little bracelet for my darling Peanut to send along with the gloves. There should be something homemade for everyone in a package, don't you agree? Me too!

So, things for the hands (especially fingerless gloves) are my latest obsession, and I may or may not have already cast on another pair (perhaps in a smaller size for a pair of littler hands), because these are my favorite, hands down! (Also because I have some new KP needles I really, really want to try out with fingering yarn! Oooooh, Caspian DPNs, you are so very lovely...come knit with me!)

What's your current knitting (or crochet, or other craft) obsession? I hope that you are keeping warm and finding plenty of time to play with your favorite things & people this winter! 


  1. I want to know how you like the Caspians. I love the Harmony and Sunstruck needles, but I've heard rumors that there have been changes in the mfg and that the new ones are different. to me about the Caspians. They are sooo purty.

    1. Pretty used DPNs, but I have the interchangeables. The cable is thicker and a bit stiffer than the purple cables I have. Even so, they aren't as stiff as some of the other cables I've used, and I haven't really noticed the difference much as I've been using them. They are pointier than the Sunstruck tips. Also, the sizes are etched on the metal part of the tips, which is really nice.

  2. Loved, 'em, Cozy! Can't wait to use them again!