Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Little Cattywampus

You guys have met my cats, and let me tell you that they have been real pistols lately! Even despite the fact that they sleep A LOT, both Black Cat...

...and White Cat...

...have been bugging me to let them blog. Finally, last Saturday, I offered to let them write a blog post. Unfortunately, the conversation went a little like this:

Me: White Cat, you said you want to blog, right?
White Cat: Who, me?

Me: Yes, you. Do you still want to blog?
White Cat: Well, I just woke up...why don't you check with her?

Me: Black Cat, you interested?
Black Cat: Is that a bird? Is there a bird in here?

Me: Nope. That's the reflection of sun from my cell phone. How about the blog?
Black Cat: No...I'm sure there's a bird in here...
White Cat: What?!? There's a bird in here? 

Me: No! There is no bird! You guys are ridiculous! If you don't shape up, I'll just get the neighbor cats to blog for me...sigh!
Both Cats: Suit yourself...

So, I went across the street to see my neighbor's White Cat and Black Cat...who said to me, "What are you doing here...are you here to feed us? Because we can see the bottom of the bowl, and if you don't feed us RIGHT NOW, we're probably going to starve to death." (The white one was serious, I think.)

Me (filling their bowl with a heavy sigh)Yes, I'm here to feed that enough food for you?
(15 seconds of silence) 
White Neighbor Cat: So, then you're just gonna watch us eat? That's creepy.

Black Neighbor Cat: Yeah...Creepy.

Seeing as how they seemed to be in a "mood," I threw up my blogging arms and trudged back across the street, figuring I'd just write the blog myself. Sigh! But as soon as I sat down...

White Cat: Are you SURE there's not a bird in here?!? 

Knit in Good Health Friends.
And watch out for birds in the living room...sigh!