Saturday, November 9, 2013

There has been knitting...

Yes, there has been knitting...just a bit, here and there.
But there has not been much sitting, of late, around here.

So the knitting has been bulky: mittens, hats and throws.
Stuff that knits up quick, before I forget how it goes!

But mostly there's been cleaning and painting and ripping out rugs...
There's been washing and scraping and killing of bugs!

The cats have been helping, they are doing their bit -
Like watching for deliveries, and catching naps where they sit.

And we have been busy, choosing flooring and couches,
Having them delivered, then assembling, we're no slouches!

So far, we've put together sofas, times three,
And we've bought and hung curtains, but we can't let it be...

There is still more to do, window shade installing, tables to assemble,
And so much decorating at hand - it's just monumental!

Now, I know that my poem has neither perfect meter nor rhyme,
But I've taken a shot, and now is the time

For me to stop writing, there are many tasks at hand,
And at my feet, too...all over Pretty-Land!

So, I'll choose bulky knitting, at least for now,
And hope that I can get it all done somehow.

Thanks for stopping by! I'll have more pictures soon...
But until then, Knit in Good Health, whether sane or a loon! :)


  1. Love your new couches... Are they comfy? I love how the cats are willing to help :o)

    1. Yes! They are all comfy, and you know, the cats are willing to nap their part! :)

  2. Beautiful! Someone's going to be very happy with those.