Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Something in the way she moves...

"Something in the way she moves," my husband might say, "in fits and staaa-arts, like no other..." 

Yes, he might say that, but mostly he abides by the old adage, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." (Wise man, that one is.) So he rarely says much, whether I'm in manic mode or slow-to-stop. And even though I very much do move in fits and starts, he has been very patient...especially when it comes to decorating, and putting things back together following the recent upgrades to our home and furniture! In fact, once we got the tables together and in place last weekend...

I felt like I was just done for awhile! We'd sit in the living room, with it's new sofas and still bare walls, and there was just no desire to do all that fussy-work of hanging the pictures back up...those new sofas seriously just beckon me to sit down and knit!

But on Monday evening, when I got home from work, I was in "Go Mode" again, so I got to it and moved three large-and-heavy storage boxes from their semi-permanent home in the basement up two flights of stairs to their more permanent home in the attic. It was hard work, and I sure was sweaty when I was done...and that newly finished throw on the sofa was not just beckoning, but it was begging me to clean up and sit down!

Considering that even the cat gets sucked into the squishy goodness of this afghan's invitation,...

...I was pretty pleased with myself that I resisted. Instead, I finally re-hung some of our family photos!

Ahhh! Now it feels like "home" again! :) So I took my shower, and I sat down to knit some more smittens...remember the smittens? I started and finished one in that last hour I was awake, and then a couple more yesterday, and I think I may make some "spares" for Mindy to keep on hand just in case Peanut misplaces any this year!

All of the pictures are not up, but the walls I see when I watch TV are no longer bare, and I think I have a solid plan for the others now. Pair that with the suddenly cooler temperatures and the SNOW that fell this week, and all I wanna do is knit! Good thing, too, because I've got two more afghans and some gifties to churn out in the next few's gonna be a good winter! I hope that you have some luscious, squishy-good knitting plans for the winter, too! What will you be knitting?

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

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  1. The afghan and the long-haired black cat. The perfect snow snuggle. (And I love how the table and chairs jigsaw-puzzle together.)