Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hand and Foot Disease

The day before Thanksgiving, in my house at least, has always been designated "Bread and Pie Day," because it is the day I traditionally bake the bread and pies (and cookies) for our feast! This year, we will be feasting with the family a day late, and I am glad...

You see, just in time for Thanksgiving this year, it seems that I have caught a little case of Hand and Foot Disease! Please don't be alarmed by that...I promise it's not contagious. Well, if you're a knitter, I suppose it might be, but I really don't think it is. Even if it is a little bit "catchy," it's not all that bad. The very worst symptom is that all I to do is knit and play with things for the hands and feet! For instance, there are the gloves that Peanut put her request in for last week, now finished and ready to be on their merry way to her chilly fingers:

And then there's the second pair that I've already started, because a girl can never have too many pairs of gloves, right?!?

I've also recently finished this pair of fingerless gloves for me, and they are so very fuzzy and lovely in purple and alpaca...

Then there are the extra mittens for Peanut's advent calendar:

Too small for anyone's hands, but so cute when stuffed with a sticker, a hair bow and a chap stick! Look! Black cat wonders if they are mittens for her! Haha! Silly kitty!

But, with all those mittens and gloves, let's not forget the feet...and all those Darned Socks!

Can you see that? At the bottom, on the heel? This is just one of the three pair of hand-knit socks that I have actually darned in the last two's crazy, I tell ya! I only have photo proof of that one, tho...the yarn doesn't match, so it's easy to see where it has been darned. If I'm going to do all that work to fix a heel, I certainly want you to be able to see it in the pictures!!!

So, on this Thanksgiving Eve, I am feeling very thankful and accomplished in my yarny endeavors. :) Now all I have to do is stay busy until it's time to take turkey to the table...I know that I am up for that challenge! I love holiday meals, and this year we get to spend time with all of us together: Sweetie and I, Snake and Dollface, Mork and Mindy, and Peanut! It's gonna be a blast!

Thanks for stopping by on this "Bread and Pie Day!" I hope that your holiday goes off without a hitch! And, if you're a knitter like me, I hope that you find time to Knit in Good Health this weekend!


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