Saturday, September 28, 2013

Free Fingers!!!

They're Free!
Free fingers...
I couldn't very well sing you "Free Falling," now could I? That would make you worry. Because I fall down. It would make ME worry, too!

In any case, my fingers are free from their captivity, and they are pretty glad to be knitting and typing and just living their "digit"-al lives. :) On Wednesday morning, the doc looked over my X-rays and declared my fingers "well on their way to recovery." He said they will continue to be swollen and sore for another 6 weeks or so, but they are healthy enough to start using them all the time. Cleared for knitting? Well, you don't have to tell me twice! (I actually confessed to the doc that I had already started knitting, even before the clearance...he laughed, and assured me that knitting is good physical therapy, and I should knit as often and as much as my fingers would allow - Yay!!!) I've already finished the first in a pair of socks (that I started while still wearing the brace):

And, after knitting a pair of fingerless gloves (for Dollface, one-and-a-half knit before the cast, the second finished in the brace) with Chroma in Midwinter and a cream-colored alpaca/wool/nylon fingering-weight yarn... 

I've actually knit a third one in the last couple of days!

Can you see the color variation? Yeah, I love the gentle gradient that is Chroma, but after I had knit the second mitt, I noticed how different the colors were on each one...hmmm. So I thought I'd knit a third, and just match it to the closest of the other two...well, do you see what happened? Yep! Three mitts, each totally different in! So, since Dollface said not to bother trying for a third, and since she liked the first two together anyway, I'm just going to give them to her and call it done. (If I have enough of the cream yarn left, I may make a fourth so I can have a mismatched pair that match hers...kinda...haha!)

In other Knitting Knews, it turns out that I've made quite a bit of progress on the alpaca scarf, even knitting on it a bit while I had the big cast on! So, this morning, it looks like this:

The variegation in the yarn (which I spun myself - squee!), is just so lovely! In the sunshine, it almost is the happiest brown I think I have ever seen!

It makes me so happy that I am taking it on a field trip to That'll Do Farm this afternoon, along with some spinning for a fiber day! If you're not doing anything fun yet, you should totally come on out to Farm Days and see us! (Or you could come to see the alpacas, or the very friendly chickens, or the very hungry goats, 

or the very busy bees, or even the sheep...they have sheep! So fun!) 

It's going to be a great day! Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope that you have lots of time to Knit in Good Health this weekend!

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