Saturday, August 24, 2013

Finished last week...

I wish I had a picture of her in the sweater...

...but it's hard to catch and dress a 2-year-old with just one hand! It's even harder to get this particular little cutie let me take "pickers" of her in the sweater! But this stretchy placket is designed so she can "do it myself, Gamma!"

Yep. She can put it on by herself, and she can take it off by herself. And she can toss it in the air, or to the floor...all by herself! For a freshly finished garment, this is one tired sweater!

Now, since my knitting is limited, let me live vicariously through YOUR crafting! What have you been doing in your crafting/knitting/sewing rooms?!? 


  1. It's so cute! This weekend I am fixing a skirt so Teen 1 can wear it for the first day of school, and working on a secret project shhhhhh.

  2. I love the looks so warm and cozy and the colors are great! I'm just finishing a sweater for my sister-in-law's new's Cleveland Browns colors! Happy knitting!