Saturday, August 3, 2013

Crazy Jane and the Fiber

My friend Jane has a quilting habit. (She also has a yarn habit, and a cat habit, but these are topics for another day.) I love her brand of crazy! Sometimes Jane goes out of town for work or fun, and I look after her cats. They love me, mostly because I know where the canned cat food is kept!

Jane loves me because I know where she keeps her yarn (even the good stuff), and I do not help myself...even though I have a key, and I could. Because she loves me, and because her cats love me, sometimes there is a token of appreciation for Pretty. :)

Inside that Crazy Jane bag (which is stitched of my very favorite teals and greens) was some crazy cool fiber, that I am finally finished spinning up! THANK YOU, JANE!!!

Before it was a lovely three-ply (Navajo-ply), it looked like this, and I love it!  

It's only an ounce, but it's spun pretty fine, so I should have a good bit...maybe another tiny, lace scarf? Here's a look at it on the spindle, post-plying...sooo pretty! (Can you see the sparkle? It sparkles!)

In the meantime, I'm also knitting some of my other handspun! First I had to wind the yarn from a skein into a ball. I used my favorite (and most commonly used) tools...

...and then I started this scarf!

I love how this alpaca/silk yarn is knitting up, and even though I am back on the knitting, I am still a spinning fool! Crazy! That must be why I love my friend Jane so much!!! Well, that and her sense of crafting adventure is just she is, bonding with joey the llama! :)

And her smile...she has the best smile! I love how much my friends make me smile, and I love that you stopped by today! I hope that you are smiling, too...

Now it's time for me to sign off, and for all of us to Knit (or spin, or crochet, or craft) in Good Health!

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