Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wild! Windy! Wet! Mitten!!!

We have had some weather. There has been wind...

...and rain and thunder...

...and intense heat (for here) and humidity (99-and-44/100%, or so) for the better part of the last couple weeks (including rain for 16-days-in-a-row). I am glad that this weather pattern has finally shifted away from us, and I am ready to be fitted for a Thundershirt (does anyone make these for nervous knitters?) if we get another spell like that!

On the up side, it has been cooler since the rainy, humid weather finally took a break. Of course, nice weather also means more time outside and, therefore, less knitting time...but I did get to take some pictures of the river, higher than I think I've ever seen it before...

...and I did get to knit a mitten

That's right, a single, toddler-sized mitten. Pretty impressive, huh? But it is a little bit impressive...if only because of the colorwork. Despite the impressive factor, I don't think I'll knit the second. There were a LOT of ends to weave in and snip on this puppy,...

...and knowing how quickly toddlers grow out of EVERYTHING, I just could not bring myself to cast on the second, knowing that I would have to deal with the weaving again! Oh, you know what else? This singular mitten is my 350th project on Ravelry...OMGosh! I can barely believe it!!!

(Mental Note: Colorwork is nice, and makes extra warm mittens, but for toddlers, I will stick to no more than two colors!)

I've got plans to knit a couple of sweaters, and also some more mittens and fingerless gloves this summer (there's a contest for one of my fave podcasts involving knitting mittens/gloves - Hi, Emily!!!), and I have a couple of bunches of fiber that I am excited to spin, so you should start to see a little more knitting/spinning content in the blog soon. :) 

Until then, I hope that you and I will Knit in Good Health!


  1. The colorwork on that mitten really is impressive! Nice work! I also fully understand your misgivings about casting on for the second one... I have a tendency toward knitting a singular legwarmer. Congrats on getting to 350 Ravelry projects! xoxo

  2. Happy 350th! What are you going to do with your partner-less mitten?

  3. Oh now I see how it all relates - wonderful!!