Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What Cats Do?

A couple weekends ago, The Pretties went downtown for an adventure.

In general, I can't help but wonder what the cats do when the Pretties are not in the house, so I set up some surveillance this day...and here's what I found. First, there seems to actually be a lot of this:

No photo evidence of the other one napping on this particular day, but they are lazy kitties, to be sure. I am sure they both napped! But, I also found some of this:

White Cat: What are you doing NAPPING?!?

Black Cat: ZOMGosh, White Cat! You did NOT just wake me up!

White Cat: So what if I did?!?

Black Cat: So what if you DID?!? You did NOT just say that! I'll show you "So what?!?"...

Seriously? Napping and wrestling, that's all they did? How lame...and how is it that I don't notice this behavior at all when we're home??? 

Ohhhhh...that's right...the knitting. Always with the knitting, and taking pictures of the knitting. I probably miss a LOT of things around the house when I'm knitting. Hmmmmm, I suppose it has to be the knitting.

Well, it's either that or the mind control...

White Cat (quietly): Are your eyes on?
Black Cat (less quietly): Mine are on...are YOURS?!?
Pretty: What are you two up to???
Both cats (in unison): You see nothing...nothing out of the ordinary heeere. Hummmmm...
Pretty (in a monotone drone): Yeahhhhh...nothing... Nothing out of the ordinaryyy....
(Pretty exits, stage right, in a daze...shakes head a little)

What was I talking about again? Nevermind. I'm sure it doesn't really matter anyway.

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

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  1. That's so funny! I always say we want to do that with my dog too! Sometimes when I come home from work the bedroom door is open and the bed is all messed up. I have a feeling someone is napping when I'm working!