Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Falling Down

Sometimes "Falling Down" means losing your resolve, as in, "I know I said that I wouldn't be buying more yarn (fiber, fleece, livestock) until next month (year, decade, whatever)...but I went to a local fiber festival and fell down. Here's my new stash..." 

Hangs head, slightly ashamed, and shows you a picture or offers a skein, braid or bump for petting and cuddling, as proof that no one's resolve is strong enough to resist this stuff...

Yes, sometimes "Falling Down" means failing at an endeavor, as in, "I had planned to cast on for, like 6 sweaters this week...but I fell down, and all I've knit are these 6 hexipuffs..."

Don't judge...these 6 hexis bring my total to 116!

But sometimes "Falling Down" simply means falling down, as in, "I went running on Monday, and I fell down...I scraped up my elbow pretty badly, but I'm ok."

Yep. I did. And this is the "cleaned up" pic, it looked much worse when my whole arm was bloody. Again, I am ok, but I am starting to think I should just stick to the knitting...

So, as I've said before, I fall down like it's my job, and now you have proof. But even despite all the falling down, I did manage to cast on for a super-cute baby sweater with owls on it...

I am in love with the owls. I hope to also make a hat, and I hope I don't fall down on that...

Between my falls, I also hope to get some more knitting done. I hope that you are staying on your feet, and on track with your projects! Until my Saturday check-in, I'll try to stay on my feet, too. I am sure that my elbows will thank me. 

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

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  1. New materials spark interest in working with the older as well as the newer; it's all good.

    Except the bloodying part--take good care of yourself, m'kay?