Saturday, June 22, 2013

Monday to Friday

Sometimes in the summer, I want to knit a blanket. This makes no sense. It's hot outside, and I am a woman in the middle of life, so it's often hot, Hot, HOT! inside as well, and I want to knit a blanket! What's the solution? I really don't know...perhaps it involves cranking the AC to 68 degrees (F), and then knitting a blanket. Perhaps the solution is to knit a doll blanket. Maybe the solution involves soaking my head and forgetting the knitting. I did none of those things. On Monday, I went out and bought some SUPER BULKY YARN (Bernat Softee Chunky, 6 skeins in the color linen) and I dug out my size 17 needles...

Yes. Those are 14" straight needles...they are the only 17s I had. I don't know why I did not check the pattern before I bought the yarn. If I had checked the pattern before I bought the yarn, certainly I would have also picked up a set of circular needles... Who knits an AFGHAN on 14" straights?!? Apparently I do. Two skeins into the work, though, it became too much for my wrists, and I did venture out for the circular needles...they were harder to find than I thought they should be, but I did find them by day 3. Size 17, 29-inch, green, aluminum circulars...

Five skeins and four days into the project, it became clear that I would finish about the time of our first real heat wave of this summer, which arrived just this morning. I am so thankful that I am not spending this afternoon under the weight of this bulky afghan!

Yes I finished and laundered this afghan on Friday, and then White Cat and I did a photo shoot for you.

An afghan in 5 days, Monday to Friday, not too shabby for the summer knitting!

I even had a tiny bit of yarn leftover...

But I'm not knitting any more bulky yarn this summer! I think I'll go work on some hexipuffs (I'm up to 110!), or a dishcloth, or maybe a tiny Peanut sweater...but NO MORE BULKY YARN!

I'm not sure what you are knitting this summer, but I hope that you are keeping cool, and Knitting in Good Health!


  1. That is gorgeous! You are one very talented knitter.

  2. So Jealous! And thanks, now I have a feeling I'll be putting another afghan on my summer knitting list.