Saturday, March 9, 2013

Where the Birds Are

Well, it's official. Dollface is all growed up. Maybe it happened when she married Snake. (But she still came "home" to do laundry.) Maybe it happened when she moved out. (But they still came "home" to do laundry.) Or maybe, juuuuussst maybe, it happened this January, when Snake and Dollface BOUGHT THEIR FIRST HOUSE!

Moving Day - it still looked pretty rough!
Now, I am not gonna lie...the house is very close to ours (yay!), so for the first month or so, they still came "home" frequently to do laundry, or just to hang out. But over the course of that month, they have painted walls, replaced flooring, added furniture and accessories, and also bought their very own washer and dryer! 

(And the crowd goes wild...well, the parents' washer and dryer goes wild anyway!)

Seriously, though, we are so proud and happy for them. It's fun to watch them settle in, and there has been no shortage of little gifties to warm their new home! There was an afghan...

A trip or two to Home Depot, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and Pier One...and of course there have been various food and snacks when we come over to hang out...
These are chicken puffs...easy and way yummy.
I really need to get the recipe up here someday. =D
But my favorite gifties, by far, have been the Birds
Birds on the windows...

Birds in the bathroom (gasp! don't look!...just kidding!)

Birds as part of the laundry-warming gifts...

The birds are everywhere, welcoming them home! And it's been fun to hang out with Snake and Dollface, and the grand-kitties, AT THEIR HOUSE!...which is (for the record) looking much more put together every day! 

By the way, check out the lower-left side of the photo to see the afghan AND a pair of Snake's hand-knit-by-his-MIL socks, and just to the right of my head is a bird on a window! These kids are sooooo knit-worthy! 

Thanks for stopping by (she says from the comfort of Dollface's sofa), and Knit in Good Health!


  1. I love the birds.Have you got a pattern you can pass on?

    1. The pattern is linked to my Rav page up there in the blog, and you can also find it here: