Saturday, March 16, 2013

Suffering Fluffy Brain

From the Urban Dictionary, a brain fluffy is (apparently) the inability to focus. This is a condition I am all too familiar with the last few years. I've blamed it on being a woman in the middle of life. I've also blamed it on the brain cells that were strangled by worry while we raised two children (who turned out very well, by the way...what was I worried about?). And, while I was at it, I've blamed my fluffy brain on being too busy, being too bored, eating too much, working too hard, and doing too many things at once...the blame game is nothing new in my world. So, why not add another thing to blame? This time, let's make it something THIS:

I've taken out my spindles again, and I found the fluff that came with them (two 18g bags of superwash merino, nylon, and some shiny stuff thrown in for good measure, one bag with each spindle), and I've been spinning my little heart out! The yarn is coming out very fine and thin, and I am more than halfway done with the first 18g...

The first bag is a gradient...white to pink-and-white to pink. The second bag is just 18g of pink-and-white, so I am thinking I will either spin both and make a 2-ply with the two sets of singles, OR I will spin each bag, and Navajo Ply (chain-ply) each one to itself. The Navajo Ply is a 3-ply, so I would get less yardage, and a thicker yarn...I'm still deciding. You know what? It's giving me more fluffy brain!

Considering that this is the first time I've taken out the spinning since 2010, I think I am just going to keep spinning, and not worry so much about the plying decisions today. Overall, this yarn is coming out WAYYY better than my first couple tries, so I'm just going to enjoy it. =D Bonus, my spindle matches this lovely fiber!

Thanks for stopping by, and I now return you to your regularly scheduled knitting (or spinning, if you prefer).  What gives YOU fluffy brain?

Knit-and-Spin in Good Health!

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  1. That spindle was a rolled-up shrimp there for a moment while my eyes tried to sort it out.